paint the sky with silver lining.

ah, Theo & Adam.

The gig was delayed by a good half-hour, so I spent the time looking at other concert-goers. Saw this guy from SP, he was alone, as were several other people, including a random dude next to Jerry. Which means I could have just attended the concert by myself without the fear of being a pathetic, lonely person. Sigh.

pretty interesting mix of people, I must say. I saw a cute guy (well, technically, my brain automatically categorised him as such because he had brown hair) outside, and imagine my surprise when I saw him 2 rows before me during the concert, with spectacles on! He seemed really into it, just as Theo was. It was rather scary; Jerry thought so too. But I mean, I guess he was just really passionate and putting his entire soul into his music, so.

What was really annoying was the fact that the girl in front of me and the one beside me each got a rose. If Theo had aimed a little further and slightly to the left, I would have gotten one too. 😦 No fair. & they had boyfriends to help them fight for the roses. I had Jerry, whom I tried not to interact with too much lest people get the wrong idea.

Overall it was a great gig. Theo sings well live (and the backup singer had operatic vocals!). Adam was quiet, but his playing was equally brilliant- especially his guitar bit!


because ta-daaah I seem to have found that guy on FB! It was elementary, really. (:

First, I deduced that he was a hardcore Hurts fan, and would definitely have commented on the band page or something. Then I thought hmm, surely there’s an event page. Perhaps I should just go see the list of people who clicked on  ‘ attending’.

Found a potential candidate and googled, which rewarded me with – I kid you not- a wealth of info on this guy. I think it’s because he comments on a lot of things.

Googled myself and the first and only result is the Project Blook thingy which I would like to forget about. I did find my Commonwealth Essay results for 2008 and 2009 once, as well as my name on the list of Edward De Bono Junior LT graduates. Now why can’t those appear, eh? & when I type Pearl Lin into Google Images I get an AWFUL picture of myself at 14 with braces and that big winter coat which makes me look like a bloated grape.

Sad life indeed. In any case, if you would like to find a certain someone, you might want to consider hiring me, instead of using craigslist. 😀 Unless, of course, you find my cyber-stalking skills to be nothing extraordinary. I have found quite a number of people, though.  (:


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