love, love, love

This vid has been popping up on my FB news feed so I decided to watch it to see what all the hype was about.

& boy…it was like something right out of a movie. Just amazing. I’d heard of some pretty sweet marriage proposals, but this one kinda takes the cake.

Hope that somewhere out there a creative, romantic soul is going to meet me when I’m like 28 and sweep me off my feet in an equally grand manner.

So don’t be afraid to dream of Prince Charming and that fairytale wedding ,girls.

I always thought that I’d make a really good boyfriend. Yeah, no, I’m not into girls though. At least I don’t think so. Haha. Okay actually my friends and I would make good boyfriends because we’re such hopeless romantics. Like in Japan Victoria and I were talking about cute, quirky things we’d love to do, like the stuff you see in movies:

lie on the grass and count the stars or point out constellations (um, AWTR?)

lie in the middle of the road (The Notebook, Hello Stranger) – not very practical, unless you’re on some isolated road that you can bet will not be used

dance to no music  (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai)

go crazy in Ikea (500 Days of Summer)

and many more…

when I was a kid it seemed to me that there was only one way you could propose and one way you could get married….on one knee and in a church. 

But now I don’t even know if I wanna get married anyway. Having a live-in long-term boyfriend seems like a better option. Still, the things some people do for the ones they love…

I know someday I’m gonna make someone a lucky, happy guy. But will he make me a lucky, happy girl? It would be weird, wouldn’t it, if I were the romantic one in the relationship, constantly showering him with gifts and coming up with all the cute date ideas. & it wouldn’t be fair to me.

One thing is for sure, if he dedicates one of the songs on my ‘If-someone-dedicated-this-to-me-I’d-die-of-happiness’ list , he’s a keeper.

 are you not in my life right now because it’s too early? 😦 &I’m not in the right part of the world?

anywayyyy. today we (Raseena, Rebekah, Elitha, Siqi, Anginn, Shawn, Ching Peng and Tanya)  baked rainbow cupcakes and honey cornflake cups!

was pretty yummy though I could only manage two-and-a-half cupcakes.

can’t stand sweet stuff really.



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