I think I’m ready to leap, I’m ready to live

yesterday was one of those I-wish-everyday-could-be-like-this days.

I was initially reluctant at having to attend the Leadership and CCA Conference in the morning, but it ended up being really inspiring. I thought it was simply amazing how hard the 6 women trained, and how they perservered to get to the top of the world. Like literally, the top of the world. I think the training would already kill me – 5kg ankle weights, 20kg backpacks, up 40 flights of stairs?


Then again I might just be stronger than I think I am…it’s all in the mind, after all, and after carrying seriously heavy boxes in Japan, I think I’m slightly tougher now.

Well at 3 I went for the CASS photoshoot audition. Was kinda awkward at first…didn’t know anyone till Anginn and Shafeeqah came. Since I had to rush off I took my test shots first. Here’s hoping I’ll be selected 😀

Then I ran off to get changed for Let’s Talk 你在囧什么?. Mr Soh drove Victoria and I there…7 years since I’ve stepped into a Mediacorp studio. Ah, memories.

I was kinda nervous at first, since I thought I’d have to spew out everything we went through yesterday…in the end, nothing happened the way we planned it!

We sat down and tried to follow what the others were doing. I was scared to raise the fan in case they’d pick me. Then they asked, if the world was going to end next year, what would I want to do before the apocalypse?

谈 恋 爱 和 做 我 想 完 成 的 东西

was what I wrote. To fall in love and do stuff that I wanna complete before I die. 

Two girls wrote that they’d want to make love…!!! :0

I really wouldn’t be so open about that…& well, if I leave this world a virgin then so be it, right.

I was really surprised when the hosts called my name, but eager, almost , to share my reason. I’ll write in English since for some funny reason my words get deleted whenever I write in Chinese and I have to type all over again. So they asked why, and I told them it was because I’d never been liked by anyone before, so I’d really love to experience what it’s like to love and BE loved before I die.

Since another dude said he would like to be president, they asked him to grant my wish right there and then. So we both stepped out onto the centre of the stage, and we pretended to be strangers passing each other by (ok, I just stood there dumbly, giggling out of total embarassment) . He offered his fan as ‘flowers’ to me, and asked if I’d go out with him. One of the hosts, Peifen, was like, ‘You can reject him!’ so I just went, ‘umm…

Then I tried to sneak off back to my seat, but they weren’t satisfied! They asked another guy to try! This time the scenario was 2 people who met via Facebook meeting up for the first time. It was so dumb haha.


The guy was like, ‘Ah…a red flower…is it…is it you?’ and I was like ‘oh, oh, yes, you must be…’ and then he said something like ‘there’s something I need to tell you…I..I’ve liked you since we first got to know each other.’

He got down on one knee, took off his bird ring (he’d asked earlier if I wanted the bird or some stone…) and asked : Will you be my girlfriend?

Since everyone began chanting  ( & honestly I was worried I was taking up unnecessary airtime, since this wasn’t the primary purpose of my presence…promoting Lionhearters was) , I just said ‘yes, yes, okay’ and he slipped the ring onto my finger!

So, first confession of my life. The hosts asked if I was satisfied, I said ‘hmmm…it was very funny! Not at all what I imagined it to be like. Plus, it was fake.’

Hope I get my first REAL one soon enough. (:

As for our job, Victoria did us proud by talking about the club/stuff we did in Japan without stopping. So yay…

and then at night I watched Super 8 in IMAX. Seats were too close to the front 😦

Joel Courtney was kinda cute 😀 again, it’s the brown hair and eyes.

But whenever he had scenes with Elle Fanning, like when he first helped her put on makeup, or she pretended to be a zombie…I felt my breath hitch, like I was the nervous little boy in love with my pretty schoolmate. Those scenes were really well done. Great acting (: I think Elle looks more mature than just 12 (at the time of filming, I assume) !

She has this kind of…grace and subtle beauty about her. Hope she’ll be like Dakota, with no scandals, as far as we know.


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