eyes wide open

Finally, finally watched X-Men: First Class. Feel like re-watching all the X-Men movies…

Now everything is much clearer and I have a deeper appreciation for the characters of Magneto and Mystique. I love tragic backstories. Masashi Kishimoto is a genius when it comes to crafting stuff like this. Sasuke, Kimimaro…basically characters with the Advanced Bloodline.


nice fanart (:

I thought some scenes were rather comical though. They weren’t supposed to be, but I found them kind of…awkward. I think one of the best scenes was when Charles kind of drew out the memory of Erik and his mother…real tear-jerker, that one.

Their friendship was beautiful, though I wouldn’t go so far as to ship the two together.  They still can’t compete with SASUNARU…though Erik did rush to Charles and apologise…eh. Anyway. I didn’t know Mystique had such a past…! Always assumed she was a baddie all along, like Magneto. I liked the possible Mystique x Beast thing, pity nothing really developed. 😦 yay for Nicholas Hoult, though! He was really cute 😀 Aww man, just Wiki-ed and found out that he’s dating Jennifer Lawrence 😦

don’t know if you were drooling over Sam Worthington but I had my eyes on Nic the whole time- up until the point where his character died, sadly. 😦 Was thinking : Who on Earth is that cute guy?? Went home, Googled, and the rest is…you know. History. 😀

I wish that I could say that I’m a true-blue geek who knows every single mutant and their powers/stories, but sadly, no. I’m too lazy to read comics and catch up on a series with so much history. I can’t even be bothered to watch Naruto Shippuden because there are way too many eps I’ve missed out on.

So I just watch comic book movie adaptations. I love ’em. As for Naruto, I pretty much pay attention only when there’s SASUNARU potential in there. Which doesn’t make me a Narutard, in that case.

On to more serious stuff…


I’m back on the fence thanks to Colton Burpo. But I’ve also been reading my book and I must say that I’m feeling enlightened at the same time, if that’s possible. It would be easy to dismiss Colton’s claims as a hoax but how would he have known about his miscarried sister, or where his parents were praying for him? Unless he was fed such info and forced to create false memories – which, after constant repetition, will become ‘real’ to him. Entirely possible – but impossible to prove. Only his parents will know the truth.

In any case my objective is to read whatever I can from both sides, process the information I’ve been given, and analyse it to come up with my own opinions. I’m not going to believe something just because I’m told to. You may argue that I appear to be siding with Richard Dawkins but I merely think that my eyes are being opened to the truth – to which you may say, ‘ah, his idea of the truth’ , but well, I shall make it a point to check my copy of a certain bestseller – a kids’ version, but nonetheless, a copy.

Perhaps this is just a phase, much like my pro-gay rights phase back in Sec 2. But I’ve always wondered about death and the afterlife, even as a kid. So I think I’d like to pursue this for some time. I won’t get any definite answers but at least I’ll know more. Another reason would be the frustration I feel – at being thought of as deserving of pity merely because I think differently. Just how is that different from racism or sexism, things which would surely cause an uproar?

Not believing does not mean hating, just to make things clear for people. I don’t believe in Santa, but I certainly do not hate him. I don’t intend to debate, because frankly, I suck at it. I know what I stand for, but sometimes words fail me and I know that I lack the persuasive skills to sway people with strong convictions.

There are many things I want to say but I’ll save them for another day, when I’m ready to.


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