Girl, I say, if only life would lean our way

didn’t get chosen for the CASS thing…strangely, didn’t feel too sore about it, maybe because I knew it already. 😦 I suppose it’s just another thing that isn’t meant to be mine. So I won’t be on SP billboards. But one day I will be on the cover of magazines. Dattebayo! haha.

Heard Avalanche City (From NZ! cool eh) on radio, think I’ll get their album. Sounds a bit like Bombay Bicycle Club. Quite nice.

Wasted my life reading an SPG-wannabe’s blog and googling Nick Hoult.


The girl isn’t pretty, for one. And two, she’s fascinatingly…detestable. You know, just the kind of girl we all love to hate, not because we’re jealous but because…her English sucks, she’s not at all proud of who she is and thinks Singaporeans are immature, and yeah…she’s pretty much an SPG. Not bad though, to be able to tour America.

Her reasons for being the way she is…

She thinks that they are better-looking. Granted, their average guy on the street may look better than the normal dude on OUR street, but hey. They aren’t the only ones who are genetically blessed, okay. For each nationality, I could probably name a guy that I like for you…but I’ll just give you a few examples. Shall begin with Asians, since she appears unconvinced that they are just as, if not more, good-looking.


Jirayu Laongmanee/ Kao! once Suckseed hits our shores, I’m pretty sure he’ll have more fangirls drooling over him… 😥 & then I’ll stop liking him.

argh shit. my entire post wasn’t saved, & I’m too lazy to retype everything!!! :((((  what luck. seriously.


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