you know my heart’s a stereo that only beats for you.

just heard Stereo Hearts on the radio…love it!! (: the lyrics are so cute, and perfect for any music-lover to dedicate to another.

I particularly love this line: ‘Furthermore I apologize for any skipping tracks, it’s just the last girl that played me left a couple cracks.’

So smart! 😀

okay anyway…nothing interesting or exciting has happened lately…still lagging way behind in terms of Uniqlooks votes but well…

scary to know about someone’s past and realise that they haven’t always been what they seem like now.

it might all be in your head, like the way people claim just by telling yourself that you can do it, you can. I mean, I don’t know, I was in a dark place too. & it lingers, that melancholy, it comes back from time to time. But I know it’ll come to pass.

when we watched Fahrenheit 9/11, I felt really sad for the poor Iraqis. Tragic, what humans do to one another. Especially when you think about the fact that everything on this Earth is interconnected, and that we are all much more similar than we’d like to admit.



Watched some vids on Social Entrepreneurship yesterday, I think I’m gonna go watch TED pretty much everyday. Gotta keep myself motivated, remind myself what I wanna do with my life. So many lofty goals I once had. I think I’m lucky that no one has ever laughed at my dreams – or am I unlucky because of that? Perhaps if someone were to tell me to my face that I won’t make it, it’ll give me the RAGE I need to succeed.

But nope. Maybe they all keep their opinions to themselves, or they just can’t be bothered with someone like me. Sometimes I wonder, what is it that I really want?

I suppose I just want to do whatever makes me happy, and hopefully help others in the process. Sounds awfully familiar. Did I just subconsciously quote someone or some self-help book I’ve recently read?? :/

anyway, always remember that though we are all ‘unique and special’ , we should stop assigning superiority to ourselves and respect everyone and everything.


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