they can’t scare me, if I scare them first.

Ah Gaga, Mother Monster 😥 I should have just gone for the comp on Mon – they ended up giving a pair of tix to everyone who turned up. Lesson learnt- never say never and just dare to try. Because even if you don’t win anything, you’ll gain experience- as Randy Pausch once said.

Elitha just called to tell me that the random dude who ‘wanted to be my friend after seeing me on the train’ wants my number and FB…uh dude. I hope I don’t seem like the kind of girl who would give you my personal info, because if I do, that’s sad, & I ought to reflect on how I present myself to the world then. But I did ask Elitha to find out his name and email so that I can check him out FIRST. Just out of curiosity. He might be obese and pimply, or scrawny and nerdy…. who knows. Still, he deserves a thank you and a pat on the back, courtesy of me.

But it’s not just about his looks, of course. I like reading people’s FB profiles to get a sense of what kind of  person they are, so if there’s no info at all, or everything is vague and blah, or he has awful spelling and grammar…it’s like, hm. If he’s fascinating enough, I don’t care very much what he looks like. Caught a glimpse of the books on Mr. Lim’s table that day, Nietzche and Kant… a guy who reads stuff like that is worth my time. I may not possess the intellectual ability to fully understand philosophy, but I sure as hell want a guy who does.

I’ve never really believed in guys asking girls for their numbers in public…I mean, you don’t know a thing about the person at all. Best to meet through some class, or group, or mutual friends. Or well, some romantic meet-cute moment, like the way stuff happens in movies.

Met Lorri just now, we went to EwF 😀 we talked about our old pals and what Min Yee told  her about ACS (I). Apparently one girl goes off in the middle of lunch to check on her stocks, and some people buy their way in. They also seem to hold the opinion that the poor are lazy, and that poverty is none of their concern. I’m aware that not all of them are like that, surely some are like Min Yee, but still. I hate people who think that just because they’re rich, they can ignore the problems of the world. You have the power to make a difference – use it.

You’re getting the best education there is, you’re probably gonna end up a high-flyer, or at least daddy will take care of your financial wellbeing – don’t just care about yourself, set up a charity. Don’t like the poor? Fine. Find a way to eradicate poverty.

Perhaps it was a good thing that I couldn’t get in after all. Being around those people would only make me feel more insecure. Min Yee has big dreams, though, & I’m confident that she’ll achieve them – after all, she got into ACS (I), didn’t she? (: Lorri says she hopes to score a full ride to Brown. I was like, WHOA BROWN?! SHE CAN WALK THE GROUND EMMA WATSON WALKED ON, MAYBE SLEEP IN THE DORM EMMA SLEPT IN, TOUCH THE WALLS SHE TOUCHED, EAT FROM THE SAME LUNCH TRAY SHE ATE FROM….

Lorri laughed and said, ‘Why don’t you just go to Brown, then?’

as though it’s as easy as going to my nearest 7-11 😥 sighsighsigh.

We also talked about popularity – and how our good friends changed. Sad fact of life, but true.  At least we remain relatively unchanged, Lorri & I. As I was going home I realised that despite losing a few good friends in my life, I still have her, and though sometimes we may have our little conflicts,  she’s still pretty much my closest friend, & I hope it stays that way for a long time to come.

did you know

that we all have African origins? Ironic how the Africans were treated in the past. There is no such thing as a superior race, for we are all one. I wish racial supremacists would all disappear.

and that

in legless vertebrates such as snakes and slow worms, limb buds appear during embryonic development, only to be reabsorbed before hatching . For whales and dolphins, hind limbs appear in the cetacean foetus,complete  with bones, nerves and blood vessels, only to disappear before birth. The human embryo develops a tail, which is subsequently re-absorbed.

dolphin embryo!

haha I went to the website where this pic was from and scrolled down, scared myself when I saw a certain photo! I shan’t tell you what I saw, go see it for yourself if you dare.

by a coincidence, most of the info came from the same book I’m currently reading.

From The Rough Guide To Evolution by Mark Pallen.


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