I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive

hm complete 360 from yesterday’s post?

Nah. I did cry today. Another disappointment. Wasn’t chosen for LWS Pop Choir.

I mean, really. I thought I could dance, but I guess I was wrong. I can’t dance. I especially can’t dance to Jolin Tsai songs.

The girl isn’t known as the dancing queen of Mandopop for nothing.

I can’t learn choreography in such a short amount of time, okay? I’m sorry if that’s what it means to be a star, I guess I’m not ready. & besides, Taylor Swift doesn’t have to dance like that. :/

Then we had the singing-cum-acting audition. I was a bit shaky while singing The Edge of Glory but overall I think I did pretty well for the singing bit. For the acting part, they gave me the scenario where I was walking home from the MRT after parting ways with a friend, only to find out that someone was following me. Insisted that I couldn’t do it, they just stared at me. Silence. Finally got a dude to help out as the friend/stalker, but I still failed anyway.

Got an sms at like 5 something telling me I was under KIV. Gee, thanks, and my 2 classmates got in. Japiere even got made leader of the group.

I stuck to him today since he was the only one I  knew. Met a nice girl named Chuan Yi. (: Before I went in, J shook my hand and wished me good luck, and I remember smiling and thinking that it was a nice handshake. I don’t know why I thought so, but there was something about that handshake that well…made it a good one.

He’s a nice guy, I guess I should wish him all the best, and Nat too, although I know that tomorrow facing them will be like a punch in the stomach – for someone like me.

Earlier today Ryan mentioned the Pastafarian dude in yesterday’s papers, which sparked off a little chat about Pastafarians and their religious headgear and stuff. He also talked about kids being vulgar nowadays. He’s an interesting person, hope I get more chances to talk to him next time.

sigh. gotta pick myself up and try again. Taylor Swift and Katy Perry got rejected many times too, and so did J.K Rowling and a lot of other successful people out there.


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