it’s the moment of truth & the moment to lie

We ought to get off our high horses. Yes, we, as humans in general. We might not always be conscious of it, but sometimes we tend to think we’re better than others. & that kind of thinking can be dangerous, especially when you have a group of people who all think that they are superior in some way.

(Note: look at the Norway attacks. If there’s a bunch of people out there with similar extremist thinking, this isn’t the end, it’s only the beginning, and that’s scary. )

Most of us try to avoid conflict on a daily basis. After all, why invite unnecessary misery into our lives, right? But when you hide the truth – no, worse, replace the truth with a lie in order to avoid conflict, I don’t think that’s right.

On Monday I witnessed an example of what Richard Dawkins meant when he said that religion seems to be a topic we’re all afraid of touching on, and so it’s protected by a privileged respect. It’s just the way the world has come to be, and it’s widely accepted that nobody should dare cross the line when it comes to talking about religion.

Well, anyway, so my teacher asked us if we knew of the Rony Tan incident. & we said yes. So obviously we were aware of what he had said/done, right? But then she went on to talk about him making fun of gays and lesbians. Instant reaction: HUH? Wasn’t he talking about Buddhists? I definitely wasn’t the only one who thought that immediately.

I continued to look at her, wondering if she would realise her ‘mistake’, but she went on. What was she afraid of? We know what Rony Tan did. Everyone who read the news last year would know. There’s no need to hide the truth, it’s out there!

I guess why people react so strongly to comments about their faith is because what we believe in makes us who we are, and so by insulting someone’s entire belief system you are essentially insulting them as an individual.

Why can’t they be kept separate? I believe that Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice is the best in Singapore. You think it’s disgusting, and proceed to tell me so.  Am I offended that you think my tastes are questionable, and therefore it means that you think that I am, on the whole, a person of questionable character? Perhaps, if I were especially  sensitive, but more likely than not I’d just shrug.

Isn’t it strange how we fail to see our flaws but are so quick to point out those in others? I know my limits. & I certainly don’t have enough hatred to go around threatening to burn religious texts, or desecrating sacred grounds. It is worth noting, however, that the people who DID do the above were people who were supposed to adhere to values of peace and love.  It would be very stupid, too, seeing as I intend to promote peace. Peace happens when there is no conflict. There will only be no conflict when there aren’t differing opinions. But there will always be differing opinions, if not everyone on Earth would be the same. So is there no chance of peace ever?

wanted to answer something. But I think that I’ve not reached the intellectual ability needed to present proper arguments, so I’ll merely like people’s comments for now. It’s amazing how well thought-out the answers are, and they all seem so smart, which is why I don’t think I should be involved right now – my puny brain can’t handle all this stuff.

On another note, I dared to ask and I received. Either that or nobody was really interested in the KK trip. Anyway, I got in. Determined to train hard. Will probably have to learn to swim again. The only way to conquer your fears is to face them, right?

Mount Kinabalu

Funny, it’s as though I’m really following in my mum’s footsteps. She climbed Mt. Kinabalu at 18. I really wouldn’t mind being like her, but we have different interests after all, so I don’t think I’d tread down the exact same path.  More worried about white water rafting.

There are so many things to learn, to do and to be concerned about. 98% of the time we’re caught up in the superficial. We’re responsible for our own lives. There might be some inexplicable things, there might be something called destiny, I don’t know, but I’ll control whatever I can and I’ll create my own little miracles – people do so all the time.




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