it’s centrifugal motion, it’s perpetual bliss

When I heard ‘This Kiss’ by Faith Hill that day I just suddenly felt hopeful, that soon I’d be able to relate to the song. I don’t know, but it’s like somewhere along the way I stopped moping about being 17 going on 18 and not having been liked. Even when Lorri brought up most girls having bfs again today, I wasn’t annoyed.

It’s just…I feel like it’s possible that it might happen sometime soon. No, there isn’t anybody with potential right now, but well…watch this space.

I hope that when it happens, it’ll be magical, unlike what my friends told me. & they’re so unhelpful, ‘you just know’ how to do it, magically. geez.

I don’t know where I’d love for it to happen though, or when…I don’t think it matters, what matters is who you’re with.

I picked up my copy of Juice today, and smiled when I saw my letter! (:

okay so I didn’t win ‘Mail of The Month’ but hey, the reply made me smile!

okay you can’t see clearly, can you…the original email:

I was so happy to see Hurts on the cover when I picked up my copy yesterday! Their gig was awesome, though the 2 girls near me got roses from Theo & I didn’t! 😥 Also found the cute guy rockin’ in the 3rd row on FB, but I’m too much of a coward to add him, haha. [He’s a hardcore fan, so I think he definitely won’t miss this issue!] But seriously, it’s all thanks to you guys that I even heard of them in the first place. 😀
Eh well, that’s about it!
Looking forward to the next ish!

Pearl (:

Reply: Finally, a Hurts letter without a Hurts pun! We really appreciate it. And hey cute guy from the third row, if a lovely girl named Pearl adds you, please accept. She’s awesome.

Aww I was smiling to myself on the MRT! (: obviously I’m not gonna add the guy, but hey…

speaking of guys, yesterday was so funny! Always expect the unexpected. Kept wanting to bump into him when I liked him for that short period of time, and never did…and yesterday we finally saw the mysterious girl who has him acting like a tormented soul in love.

The fact that she’s really …well, how to put it tactfully, not…what we expected, makes him all the more sweeter, I suppose. To be able to look past …well, looks, and find her beautiful the way she is. & to look at her with a moony-eyed expression, I mean….seriously, don’t we all dream of that? Having such power over a boy, without even meaning to. 

Actually I just liked him cuz I think I wanted someone to like. I’m that way. I like people really easily for the stupidest reasons, because I think having a crush or a pseudo-crush is better than having nothing. It gives you something to talk about, and at least you can make yourself happy over the littlest interactions.

watched Into The Woods yesterday, it was pretty good though rather long…they could have ended at Act One, but of course it would’ve been a typical fairytale then. My favourite was Emma Yong, I thought she sang pretty well! (: Loved the effects as well.

oh, for…sorry about the photo quality. phone cam, you see. looks good elsewhere though.

2nd Burlesque lesson today! I brought my heels so it was even more fun (: & I made a new friend (I guess, recently I’ve started categorising people as friends much faster than I used to) from ACS (I)! Bought Gong Cha and spied on other classes.

by the way, going back to previous entries…I didn’t mention this, but the dude Elitha & I thought wanted to ‘be my friend’ turned out to want to know some other Pearl instead. & I cried. I know, laugh, or yell : ‘ARE YOU STUPID?!’ at the computer screen right now as you’re reading this, but I really did cry – and in public too.

I was trying to read, but then I started thinking : of course it couldn’t ever have been me anyway. no boys have ever liked me, and no boys ever will. What if I end up all alone? I told Ma about the mistake, and started crying. Not that she helped by comforting me, she just told me not to be so stupid, since I didn’t even know the boy and besides, is love so important anyway?

Well yes, it is.

today Genevieve said that everyone in 02 has a distinct personality – which got me thinking, that I don’t really stand out. I don’t have a distinct personality- when I think about it, perhaps I don’t have as much personality as I thought I did.

currently reading The Hunger Games because it’s gonna be really big once the movie’s out next March or something. I really can’t put it down, it’s been ages since I’ve had a light read – the last time was when I spent an afternoon just sitting down and reading Never Let Me Go.

Katniss is a much better role model/heroine than stupid Bella.


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