focus on your ability, then they can’t steal what they want to steal.

ah, Foster The People. ❤

amazing album. I find running to it and Gaga’s Born This Way (album, not just the song) fun.

Actually, did I say running? Sorry, I meant wheezing and panting my way through. I don’t think what I do counts as running.

Bought shoes today with JP. YES I’m a kiasu Singaporean. I mean, hello, 40% off Adidas shoes?! I wouldn’t give that up! As much as I prefer Nike. That day New Look had this thing where the 2nd item was $2, and I insisted on not leaving until I’d found something – in the end Rebekah and I got jeggings.

anyway…JP told me that there was once this thing where French students came over and they paid the local students like $50 freaking bucks an hour to guide them around the school. WTH. And all they had to do was go for an interview and prove that they could speak basic French.

I was just pissed, really. At myself, more than anyone else. I have a DELF B1. What am I doing? I’m shelving books 2 hours a week, for $5/hr. Am I putting any of my skills to use? No. Is working in the library gonna help me in my future career? NO.

ARGH! Seriously. What am I doing??? Why am I always going for minimum wage jobs when I know I’m qualified to get much more?! It’s not about the money, at least not for now, but when I’m older, I can’t keep doing this to myself.


$5 and $50 is a BIG, BIG DIFFERENCE. & I could have earned that $50 easily. If all they had to do was go ‘Comment ca va’ and ‘oui, oui, et la, c’est notre bibliotheque’ or whatever then …I swear, I’m HUNTING DOWN opportunities from now on. They aren’t gonna slip from my sight.

Okay, now that I’m done ranting. That day it was mentioned that our classmates aren’t very fun to stalk on FB. I thought about it, and wondered why our lives don’t seem stalk-worthy. Why do we lapse into some kind of mundane routine just because of school?

I realised that my own life is kinda boring too. I don’t know how to make it exciting. I mean, I know, but I can’t fly off at the drop of a hat, or land gigs with the snap of a finger or anything.

Between you and me (you being like, the pathetic number of people who actually read my blog – no but really, thanks guys) …I always think about how to make my life FB stalk-worthy. Sounds a bit creepy or pathetic, eh.

But I mean, I DO stalk people, like seniors and friends. When I see that they’ve gone on to a brand-name university, I’m like : WHOA. & I just think, it has to be me as well. Like, I would want that kind of a reaction when people look at my life. Because FB is pretty much the only  way acquaintances can catch a sneak peek, my life should seem – well, whoa-worthy.

Now, I’m no liar. I know some people put fake things like knowing certain languages, or living in certain cities…but I have no need to lie to make myself look good, or say that I know Spanish and live in New York just for laughs.

Sure, life will never be as rosy as we paint it in pictures and status updates. But damn, I’m gonna stop waiting for things to happen to me, because that is precisely WHY my life is boring. I have to get out there and HAPPEN TO THINGS.

Be proactive. Live a little.

(sounds like a tagline, huh.)

When I pass my 18th birthday I’m gonna try travelling alone and volunteering overseas and stuff like that. If not now, when, right?(:



I don’t know, seriously. I thought of doing something spontaneous everyday before, but I never ended up carrying anything out.

maybe if I compliment a stranger, or shuffle across the road, or jump on the foodcourt tables and announce ‘I COME IN PEACE! TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER!’ or something….


damn I miss the TDs. We used to think of silly random stuff like that. & I’m pretty sure we thought of starting a flash mob together once, and we just stood there pointing at the sky. Didn’t work. Anyway.

Yesterday I read my old diary entries again…remembered the little red heart in The Book Thief, and wondered if it meant anything. If it did, it was a pretty interesting way to express whatever it was supposed to. (:


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