I am what I am, I’ll do what I want

ah Dido. (: after hearing ‘White Flag’ in a bar in Thailand, I suddenly remembered how much I liked ‘Hunter’ and ‘Here With Me’. Been listening to LeAnn Rimes too, the album I bought back when casette tapes still existed.

so, a 13 year old expat kid got caught taking drugs, along with a bunch of other expat youths. Why am I not surprised? I guess they thought they could get away with it here. I mean it’s normal for teens to experiment with drugs over in the US, UK and Europe after all.

But it’s so scary. It’s why I don’t think I’ll study in the US or UK. I don’t like the whole university culture there very much. A lot of partying involved. Sure, maybe it’s the same in Europe, but somehow I feel more comfortable with people who speak English as a second language. Don’t ask.

I suppose to these people, I must seem like such a prude and a bore. I’m turning 18 but I’ve never done anything more than talk to a boy. My idea of fun on the weekend is attending French and German classes on Saturdays, followed by piano and vocals on Sundays. I’m not particularly great at what I do, I just do it because I want to. I don’t like alcohol, though my parents are liberal and will probably let me drink whatever weird concoction I desire – but if and when I do drink, it’s only shandy.


 I like the smell of shisha but I’m never gonna try it. At least, I don’t think I will anytime soon. I don’t smoke. I’ll probably go to a club once I turn 18 just to see what it’s like, but I don’t like the idea of it anyway.

It’s just the way I am. Frankly, I find people who do other things really cool. Like if someone said, I take lindy hop or jazz classes, I’d be like whoa, as opposed to someone whose idea of dancing is limited to the kind you see in like, Butter Factory or something.

Or if someone were to suggest – I don’t know, be-a-tourist day instead of heading to Haji Lane for some shisha, I’d be really glad too.

As for not having a boyfriend, it’s not my choice. But I think I’m getting slightly better at talking to guys. Just a wee bit. At least I’m not such a klutz around them and I can eat in front of them now. I feel like a Sim who has to slowly grow up and pick up skills, new interactions and all. Soon, I will be able to : initiate conversation / compliment! haha.

I can’t believe I climbed up 40 storeys TWICE today, then did planks and failed chin-ups. I was kinda dying but I knew that I had to push myself harder. I need to get a Silver for NAPFA. 😦

need a new ipod. hate that all my songs are GONE and I’ll have to put em in again. Is there no easier way??

watched Suckseed with Jessica yesterday, honestly it was only okay, but I liked staring at Patchara Chirathiwat/Jirathiwat and of course, Jirayu! ❤ sad that he’ll have a lot more fans now. But he’s a better model than an actor. Either that or the character, Ped, was just too darn blah to be portrayed well by anyone.

kept trying to do the Kao face in Bangkok but failed. :((( only he looks cute doing it. will upload a comparison next time, not like anyone cares  but eh.


how nice it must be to have guys fighting over you. haha. though I really think it’s stupid when best friends break up over liking the same guy/girl. I mean, seriously, boyfriends and girlfriends might not last, but a real friend will.

kinda tired. 😦


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