I watched Superman fly away, I swear I’ll be with you someday.

wanted to upload a pic of my new Superman hoodie but bluetooth failed. 😦 It was love at first sight!! ❤

anyway, had first aid training from 9-5 for the past two days. The instructor, Dr. David, had so many cool anecdotes! He lived in Glasgow, and worked in places like South Africa! Plus he treated criminals and druggies and kids who had been severely  abused…

I’m hopeless when it comes to basic life skills 😦 I kinda failed at bandaging ‘fractures’ and wounds, but managed to master it after a while. (I think.)

I CAN PERFORM CPR ON SOMEONE NOW! whee. Though I forgot to check the surroundings for danger and call an ambulance the first time round, oops.

This morning I wrote lyrics, and I think they’re not bad. Once again, I just need the melody 😦 why am I not musically gifted?! But for once, the lyrics don’t involve me pining after some guy, on the contrary it’s about the guy thinking he’s all that and me wishing I felt something but admitting that I honestly don’t, and that’s okay.

you know how sometimes something is popular and you THINK you want it just cuz everyone else does? I mean imagine landing something so coveted. But then you realise that you don’t really want it after all, and as hard as it might be coming to terms with that, you’ll eventually accept it as the truth.

I did feel a twinge of something, maybe for that second I did feel sad, but then I just got irritated. Maybe I was annoyed with myself, for wasting so much time.

I think I understand now why some of the prettiest girls I know are with not-so-genetically-blessed guys.  It’s true, cliched as it sounds, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

To quote Sean Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers) :

That’s why you shouldn’t feel so bad if a member of the opposite sex (whom you are just dying to go out with)  doesn’t go for you. You may be the most luscious and mouth-watering grape around, but he or she may be looking for a banana. And no matter how much you want a change of fruit, you’re a grape and they want a banana. (But don’t worry. A grape seeker is bound to drop by.)


Haven’t found someone looking for grapes yet.

Shawn asked me if I was straight that day, and it did get me thinking. Suuure, I had that ‘bisexual’ phase most of us go through, and I do have girl-crushes from time to time. I get why guys like girls so much. The way their hair falls when they comb through it with their fingers, or the way they touch you and laugh.

I swear I’d go les for the girl in Big Bang’s Tonight MV. HER HAIR, HER HAIR, FALLS PERFECTLY WITHOUT HER TRYING.

It would make sense for me to be with a girl, since I’m so much more comfy around girls than guys. & I wouldn’t have to deal with all the things I can’t stand about most guys. Plus I’m pretty sure it’s easier for me to find a girl I can connect with on an emotional level.

But…though my mum’s not a homophobe, she’s only tolerant and not fully accepting. She’s totally fine with guys making out in front of her, or me reading yaoi. She just doesn’t want ME to be lesbian – or bisexual, I guess.

You can’t help who you like, right? So if I really do fall for a girl, what then? I could be wrong about The One being a guy. I mean, girls have complimented me, and gotten to know me so much more than any guy ever has.

I am getting better at talking to guys, but a lot of the time they fall into the acquaintance category. Going by my definition of friends, I can count the number of male ones I have on one hand.

I don’t think of each guy I meet in terms of relationship potential.Sure I’ll admit I’m desperate for someone to like me. That’s different from being desperate for a BOYFRIEND. But maybe people mistake them for the same thing, which results in me giving off despo vibes and thus effectively scaring everyone away. :(( I just want a good male buddy first and foremost, is that so hard?!

on another note I failed my German test. 😦 From 84 in the previous one to 58 this time. Christine had a serious chat with me about my desire to continue with the language. Honestly I don’t study outside of class, and I stopped doing my HW since last term. So it’s really my fault, and if I don’t buck up there’s no way I’ll be able to study in Germany.

I can probably catch up for French, provided I admit to myself that I really SHOULD study, treat it like a proper subject .

Watched 1911 yesterday.

Some scenes were strange and awful, like when Sun-Yat Sen was in the library and he was so overcome with emotion he kinda choked, and the librarian went over and spoke in the ‘bad English dub’ accent. She was like ‘oh, Dr Sun, are you okay? Oh Dr Sun, do you need water?’ OMG. SERIOUSLY!!!! WHO SPEAKS LIKE THAT IN REAL LIFE, WHEN SOMEONE IS CHOKING???

And he’s in the park talking when suddenly a little British girl comes up and says ‘I heard that the girls in China have to bind their feet at a really young age, Mr Sun.’ or something like that…SO RANDOM!

& of course they had to add in a fight sequence with Jackie. Of course. Unnecessary as it was.

I think Hu Ge is really good looking though but he died early in the film. 😦

Still the good thing about the movie was that it made me want to know more about the Revolution and the history of China. We paid a visit to the Sun-Yat Sen memorial in sec sch but I don’t think I cared very much back then.

so cute!

I’m proud of being Chinese though. Always have been. Never understood why in primary school, people would always announce their hatred for MT lessons, and express their desire to be American.

I wouldn’t mind having been born mixed. Or as I always tell my mum, she should’ve just stayed in Paris or Taiwan. Then I’d be half-French or Taiwanese. But I’d still want to be Chinese. I can’t live without my rice. 😦 & sure, I want to study in Europe but I’ll definitely return to Asia to work or live.

& I don’t dream of marrying an European (I would love to marry a half-Chinese though). But I’ll definitely make sure my kids will speak Chinese with a Taiwanese accent. Okay fine, as long as they’re fluent, doesn’t matter what accent they have.


damn another person my age who is successful. Well kinda, a lot more so now that she’s landed Jay.





2 thoughts on “I watched Superman fly away, I swear I’ll be with you someday.

  1. Nat says:

    Anything lime green is generally good 🙂

    Wait, so you’re a certified first aider now? Jealous. I wanted to, but it was a little expensive.

    • p says:

      well we haven’t received our cards or anything but apparently we’re certified?? hahaha.
      aww you could’ve done it through SPDP, I think you could’ve used PSEA for that.


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