She’s got it, yeah baby, she’s got it.


okay so it would’ve been way better if I were more familiar with the artists, but at the very least I could join in at the chorus! I sang the whole of ‘Love in the First Degree’ and ‘I Heard A Rumour’ though. haha.

The Class 95 DJs looked so cute! Especially Jean (: very Jennifer Beals!Stupid me, I didn’t think of zooming in until THE VERY END, when Bananarama went on! So I have no pics of the DJs, The Human League OR Belinda Carlisle! 😦


When I told Shawn he was like DAMN THERE WAS SUCH A CONCERT? and I was like yeah they’ve been promoting it for months! Turns out he loves Belinda and Bananarama, it was so funny, Jaimie was like : ‘I thought you were very busy.’ and he was like, ‘Yes but it’s BELINDA CARLISLE! Not making time for Belinda Carlisle is like not making time to see your parents!’ . A bit dramatic but haha.

I loved looking at the people who made the effort to dress up like it was the 80s! Wish I could’ve taken photos of them all!

The Human League was good, and they were pretty friendly, joking about how hot it was. But most people only sang along for the last 3 songs, Human, (Keep Feeling) Fascination and Don’t You Want Me…duh! hahaha!

Belinda didn’t speak very much, but her songs were all wonderful. I love Runaway Horses, Vision of You, La Luna, Circle in the Sand, Summer Rain and of course Heaven is A Place on Earth!!

Class 95 showed a couple of vids during the breaks, like one of milestones in Singapore’s history during the 80s’ , the top 10 albums of the 80s’ and dance moves…but I liked it when they showed us the music vids for Take On Me, Let’s Dance and Locomotion!

The A-Ha lead singer is really really good-looking. TDF. I mistook the beginning of Let’s Dance for Rio…don’t know why. No mention of Duran Duran though 😥 pity!

Bananarama’s dancers were awesome, just the 2 guys! they did this really cool B-A-N-A-N-A-R-A-M-A thing with their bodies, super fast!

I sang along a little for Cruel Summer &  Want You Back but Ma & I came alive when they did Venus! (:

got myself a I Heard A Rumour tee.

I wondered if the guy from the Hurts gig might have been there, while I was listening to Belinda sing ‘La Luna’. She was like, ‘this is one of the most romantic songs off the album’, so I thought, how nice would it be if The One was in this crowd of about 7000 people or so?

It would be like a movie, where we were both in the same place but didn’t meet, only to find out years later that we might have passed each other by at the merch booth or something.

oh Hollywood, you mess me up and make me a naive little girl who believes in fate and soulmates. Sadly the world has more jerks than gentlemen. Guys who love & leave you (never experienced that, but my friends have) , guys who don’t love you back, period and guys who love you, but just about every other female too.

But if a guy is into 80s’ tunes (& I don’t mean 80s’ rock or metal, I mean pure cheesy pop), it’s a definite tick on the checklist.

So many books to read 😦

oh yesterday after the concert we went for pasta at Balestier and there was a drunk Brit who went ‘What the F___ is that?’ in response to my outfit, and asked his ‘exotic petite Asian’ date if I was her friend.





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