just a girl & her will to survive


I don’t know if you can call this trip a life-changing experience. But I’m different, definitely.

I’d never considered climbing a mountain, white water rafting, or indulging in any adventurous outdoor activity before. I’m a city girl through and through, I’m used to air-conditioning and sitting down 90% of the time.

I signed up for the trip to complete my NYAA, but soon after I wondered if I was putting my life at risk. Was I really up to it? But I was determined to see this thing through.

As I was pulling myself up and tugging on the white rope (left-right-left-right), all I thought was ‘STAY ALIVE, PEARL.’  My gloves were soaked, my fingers were freezing and rain droplets were pelting my face.

I just knew that I had to grip onto the rope like my life depended on it (oh wait it did).

So we didn’t reach the summit, and we don’t have pretty certificates, except for the lucky few who managed to summit. But still, I’m really proud of myself. Someone like me, being able to breathe in the air about 3900m above sea level? I didn’t rely on anyone to pull me up. Sure I was slow at times, but when it came to the Danger Zone, I had to go it alone, with some advice from Mr Dennis and the occasional lookback to check if I was okay.

White water rafting was another first. It was actually optional for the 7 of us who couldn’t swim, so I was still thinking it over till the very last minute, when the officers forced me to make a decision. No one else was gonna skip it, so I figured I’d just go ahead. After all, if I could climb a mountain, why not ?

When we reached the swimming area, I got in and nearly panicked.  Hadn’t been in deep water since I was 10. But Ms Angeline told me to just trust my float and relax, so I floated for a bit, just looking at the blue sky and trying to breathe. I loved gently paddling down the river though. & the rapids were pretty fun.

Thank goodness my raft didn’t capsize. We almost did, once, but we were saved somehow. Poor Jiang Ping, she can’t swim either but she got dunked in water by the guide and her raft capsized twice.

Eye of The Tiger and strangely, I’d Do Anything by Simple Plan were the songs that were playing in my head as I paddled forward desperately.

So yeah…the trip would’ve been better if I’d been closer to the group, but well…can’t be helped, I suppose. At least I won’t give up so easily on things from now on.

& I’ll be less afraid of taking risks and facing rejection.

Watched Real Steel last night. I’m in love with…okay if you know me, you’d know whose name I’m about to type.

Do I prefer the hot established actor or the cute, young newcomer?

I’m in love with ……DAKOTA GOYO.

He’s adorable!!! On our last night my roomies and I talked about our types, and I realised that I DO like the little-boy kind. The last 2 sorta-crushes I had had baby faces anyway.

Robot boxing is really cool. hahaha.




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