got the heart of a winner

so…school’s not exactly exciting. Has it ever been, the past…12 years? At least I amuse myself with E.T sightings, but it seems like when I expect him to appear, he never does. Oh yes, E.T. Who? Some cute guy in my friends’ video that I didn’t care about until …last Monday. & their project was done last sem.

Honestly when you expect things to happen, they never do, and the opposite is true. I tried to follow The Secret, and kept telling myself that I’d get into ACS (I). Did I? Nope. I thought I’d do okay for Chem and Math ‘O’s and badly for French, did I? Nope. Thought I’d be an SP Scholar. Nope. Thought I wouldn’t get to go for the KK trip, or win One Day tickets…I did.

So are you supposed to visualise yourself winning/doing something and expect it, or are you supposed to NOT? I’m so confused 😦

That day I was kinda bored so I thought about college applications again, where I’d like to go and most importantly, what I’d like to do. Since I ruled out LMU and Germany in general, I figured I’d take a look at Sorbonne. Then I remembered that our Minister of State (Education) recently visited Sorbonne and Sciences Po. to learn about the system.

Out of curiosity, I checked out the Sciences Po. website, and after some research, I’ve concluded that this is where I should go.

new campus expected to open next year?!

The programme is in English, yay! They have a campus in Le Havre, which is on the coast of Normandy. What is so awesome about this campus? It’s a Europe-Asia campus, meaning the curriculum will focus on both continents.

Lots of Asian students = lesser chance of being lonely and homesick

Europe-Asia focus = best of both worlds. I won’t become too westernised.

Because Sciences Po. believes in training students to be multi-lingual, according to Wiki, Asian students have to learn French and an Asian language besides their mother tongue.

Le Havre should also be cheaper to live in than Paris. The tuition fees are sadly, not 300+ euros a year, as I was hoping. I thought I’d save my parents some money by avoiding the US/UK and heading to Europe, but…then again, there’s always Hong Kong, as they say.

Despite all this, it’s actually embarassingly low on the uni rankings list. Way way below NUS apparently, but its alumni is notable. I don’t care about world rankings anymore, bah. Whatever. It should be about whichever college is the right fit for you. Not that I’m absolutely sure that this is for me, but…

The undergrad programme is a far cry from what I thought I’d like to do. As a kid, it was English/literature. Then I thought about mass comm/journalism. I fantasised about doing performing arts or fashion. I considered linguistics, borrowed a book from the library, scanned through it and returned it. Thought about languages…and even genetics. (Insane, right?)

Now it’s social sciences, with stuff like public policy, economics, geography, law, finance, sociology and philosophy. Help 😦  I don’t know if my brain can take it.

Maybe I’ll change my mind in the next couple of months, who knows? But I can’t afford to delay much longer, there are tests to be taken, things to be considered.

Perhaps in the end I’ll just go to NUS, for all I know. It’s 28th in the world by the way. Amazing.

Maybe I’m trying too hard to be someone I’m not. I guess sometimes people will probably think I’m a big dreamer, someone who wants to be all the things she can’t be, but…dreaming big never hurt anyone now, right?




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