I don’t care about being legal

Well, I’m finally 18! But honestly the only thing that I’m happy about is that I can now watch M18 movies in theatres without having to worry about getting caught.

Yesterday I realised that maybe birthdays weren’t such a big deal after all. I don’t know. They mean quite a lot to me, but to many, it’s just another day, right? Didn’t get many wishes but that’s alright.

Also I figured out how flaky some people can be, and insincere. Or maybe all along they just really never liked me enough as a friend. I could have saved quite a fair bit of money and food, but ah well.

I mean, I was personally messaging people on Wed to confirm if they were coming. Suddenly someone had something else on. & you just found out on Wed?! Thing is, when were you planning to inform me that you couldn’t make it?

2nd example. I asked someone, are you coming? & the person asked who else was going. & then I was like ladeeda and so-and-so etc. are not, and then that person was like XX is coming? & I went no, and asked if XX wasn’t coming, was he or was he NOT coming then, and I got no reply. So is it my birthday or is it XX’s?

3rd example. You promised you’d come, and I was looking forward to having fun with you, because you seemed equally excited. I was even touched that you were planning to skip something for the party.  No sms, no call, nothing, until about 8.15 ish. I’m waiting for an explanation. I think I know what it’s about, & if I’m right, I’m sorry but it’s a pathetic excuse for missing a friend’s party and I hope you know that I WILL NOT BE HAPPY. If your reasons are valid, it’s fine.

And then there were the people who knew it was my birthday but didn’t bother wishing me a happy one, either through sms or FB. Eeyup, friends, I called them.

But enough about unhappy things and people who don’t care. (Just know that if- no, sorry, WHEN – I become someone worth caring about, don’t go around telling people you knew me once, or come to me saying, hey Pearl, remember me, we used to be friends. NO. )

Anyway, I ended up about 15 minutes late for my own party 😥 

It was worth going all the way to Simei to get my cakes though. I didn’t get to meet Jessica, she sent her maid down instead, but they were so pretty, and delicious to boot. Kinda costly, and turns out one would’ve been enough, but I’ll definitely buy another one of her cakes again.

When I finally arrived at Jitterbugs, almost everyone was waiting, and I was breathless and apologising profusely. I was worried it’d be an awkward session, or worse, boring for some, but I think at the end of it most people thought it was fun- and at the very least, it was a whole new experience for everyone. Especially for the boys heheh – in particular, Yi Heng the water-sportsman.

Didn’t manage to catch the steps a lot of the time but it was funnn.

Ate dinner, most people still stayed in their little groups…but there was an effort to mix, so I was happy. Went home, cut the cakes…took polaroids! They all turned out so pretty, I wish I could’ve kept em all.

Special shoutout to Guo Hao, who technically saved my party favours. My stupid Polaroid wasn’t delivered, & I’d originally planned to borrow a friend’s but she couldn’t come, and so I asked if I could borrow his and pay for the film.

I gave him $30, and after everyone had left, I looked into my bag to find the 3 $10 notes stuffed in there. ARGH! Instantly sms-ed him to tell him that I would definitely pay him the next time, but he insisted on it being a gift.

But it’s so ex and I feel bad cuz he wasn’t even supposed to be the one lending me the Polaroid in the first place -let alone providing film 😥 such a nice guy, seriously. I swear I’ll make it up to him.

Also goodness me, Faarooq got me a nicely-packaged gift that cost a fair bit of money; at least going by the price tag on it. Feel bad, seeing as some people didn’t get me anything! I told them not to, true…

Honestly, I really don’t need anything.  Why are my poly forum friends so nice?! Joan had something on till 8.30 ish, and even then she rushed down just for a short while, to have cake and all. & she doesn’t even live nearby!

Had some nice messages from friends, which made me smile. In particular, those people who’ve known me a lil’ longer.

Almost everyone knows about E.T now, yesterday we were plotting more ways to get to know him. Ching Peng is now the official strategist. The next step , she says, is to find out his class, but I really think we should just let him know I exist already. Term break is coming up, boo.

I’ve been listening to the songs he posted on his tumblr. They’re really nice. Save for Jack Johnson and John Mayer. (this has become an inside joke between Rebekah and I…honestly, I tried.  2 minutes of Stupid Mouth and I said okay that’s it, I really really have to hit the pause button) 


Very laidback, chill, indie. His posts are really short, and I suppose aren’t particularly interesting, but to me they’re just so cute. I guess when you like someone even the most boring detail about them is fascinating.

Ching Peng asked if I’d tell him about all this stalking if we ever got together. Well I think he’d either freak out and break up or laugh about it. A guy who can understand the way a girl acts and can find it funny – even sweet- that she would go to such lengths to try and know him would be an amazing guy indeed.

Jessica’s present was seriously awesome. It was originally a surprise but she made me sad on Mon, after hinting about it and making me think it wasn’t nice. But when I received it, I was like WHOA . I was so so so happy, and I kinda teared up a little, which is why Jess was planning to show it to me personally, so that she could see my reaction.

But yeahhh…sad fact of life, he still doesn’t know who I am. Why do I like him so much? Hm. I don’t even know, really.

Read today’s special report on the fate of Chinese miners who contracted silicosis. Very sad.

Now that I’m 18, I just want to make a difference in this world and fall in love. That’s all (:

maybe set up a charity that celebrates birthdays, like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, but not just for terminally ill children..or children.

BTW my blog posts look good on the iPad- easy to read too 😀





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