Class can’t be bought, m’dear

This is for all the bitches, bimbos and sluts I have had the misfortune to meet/hear of, or just any girl like that, basically.

You don’t diss my way of dressing and anything about me, period. I choose tees and jeans or leggings over dresses and skimpy shorts. I wear sneakers everyday. Got a problem with that? My clothes may not be cool in your eyes, but at least I don’t look like 200 other girls out there.

So uh, you think I don’t shop at Topshop and thus am not cool? Pfft. I don’t like Topshop. Honestly, someone like you has probably never heard of Zadig & Voltaire, or Rodarte, or Zac Posen. I’m more fashionable than YOU are.

But well, I can’t be bothered about you. I’m flying off to Barcelona soon, I’ve probably been to way more countries than you ever will visit, and I have a future, unlike you. Club your life away, it’s fun, yes?

Lorri brought up my insecurities once again. Okay. So I’ll never be like them. I’m not considered pretty, I’m not top of the level/president of some CCA, my name is not known in schools other than my own.

But so what. I get to travel often, do THEY? I got to see ground zero of the Japanese tsunami, did they? I climbed Mount Kinabalu, did they? NO. So goddamnit, I am no worse. I write just as well as they do. I took the same 3rd Lang classes. I can afford the things they can. Stop making me compare myself to these people .  You want me to believe that I will never match up. Maybe you are right- but who can tell?

I am lucky. I know that. That’s why I want to help others. I think that’s what life is about. Not satisfying more materialistic needs.

Sometimes I’m so angry at the world. At girls, for putting other girls on pedestals and selling themselves short all the time. At boys, for failing to see what’s inside.

I cry, yes, because my beauty is not one people appreciate instantly. It hurts but what can I do? Even if I think I look ok I still appear ugly to someone else. But I have class. Many girls look hot, but are they classy?

I’m raising my standards. I deserve an amazing guy. I don’t need shit from other girls. They can die when I’m famous. I swear. I’ll be someone. I’ll change the world.

Don’t you forget it.


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