Superstitious nonsense or fate?

I’m in danger of becoming some superstitious auntie wannabe.

So yesterday, WL, Jess & I wanted to do something special to usher in the NEW YEAR (HELLO, 2012! )

Jess suggested tarot card reading, so we Googled and decided to check out Pomo. WL asked the owner of Beads and Crafts if he knew of any place nearby – he didn’t, but he did call up his friend who was a numerologist (?). He talked to us for a while, told us not to believe in such things too much, although sometimes predictions can be eerily accurate.  But he believes that we shape our own destinies in the end.

We decided to go to Little India to find the man with the parakeet who predicted World Cup results, but turns out he only does readings in the morning. So we continued on our pilgrimage to find the truth, and hiked on to Bugis. Well, Fu Lu Shou. But by then almost all the fortune tellers were gone, so we decided to check out the Complex.

We were initially hesitant, but we’d come so far, & I was really rather curious – so was Jess. WL was not really convinced, but more on her later HAHA.

I went first, and it was $10 per area/topic or whatchamacallit, so obviously I picked… LOVE.

He asked if I had anyone, I said no, never, and he asked for my surname. Then he shuffled the cards, asked me to separate ’em like twice or thrice, before laying them out.

He told me that there was someone this year who got away. He made a gesture, of two fists bumping and then crossing each other. I asked if it was someone I knew, he said yes, and that person and I kinda might have had something. He told me that person would return in Sept/Oct of the Chinese calendar!

He also said that my biggest prob was my lack of confidence, that I’m the type of girl who will hold back and not do anything about how I feel towards someone.

He asked if I was the kind to lie awake at night thinking about things, and I was like OMG yes! Apparently I think too much. I should also wear more red, avoid black, and try florals. He told me that my future partner would be rather rich- I’d never be poor. Hmmm, sounds like something a lot of people want to hear, but I don’t care if my partner’s wealthy or not.

He also managed to guess Jess & WL’s personalities pretty accurately! (yes we managed to convince WL to give it a go in the end). & their situations, but I shan’t mention them, just in case they mind hahah.

For the cynics like my parents, your response would probably be like : aiyah, this sort of thing, can guess what…from the way you speak and act.

one of my ULTIMATE FAVE SONGS EVER, LOVED IT SINCE I WAS 12. or 13. ❤ you kept me guessing; & now I’m destined to spend my time missing you…I almost wish you would’ve loved me too 😥

But honestly, it’s still kinda creepy….?! I did have someone in mind, when he mentioned that I let a guy get away…I guess it’s because I was relating the story only the night before to Maria & Jus, and they thought that there might have been something too.

I scanned through the list of guys I know, & came up with a couple of potential names. Male acquaintances I hardly spoke to this year were automatically out, as were guys whom I was absolutely certain did not have any interest in me.

 Early this year I did kinda like Luke*, and I analysed what he said, but soon after it became apparent that his beliefs were strong, & mine were non-existent. Never talked after that.

Can’t have been Jeremy, he was madly in love with some other girl, and didn’t know who I was. We never even spoke to each other.

So…I mean, bear in mind that all this might just be something random the uncle cooked up, & being the over-analytical girl that I am, I somehow see it reflected in my own life.

But I did feel as though there might have been something – I just blamed it on me being stupid and schizo, and the guy being an idiot. Perhaps it really was nothing, I just took everything that happened and analysed it to a degree where it seemed as though …well, Maria & Jus said he might have liked me. A little, at least. Maybe not enough.

See, the thing is, I still consider myself the captain of the Never-been-confessed-to ship. Because while some guys may have done/said things that might perhaps hint at things, I will consider all those words & actions as figments of my imagination unless they actually say it straight to my face , or make it so obvious that I can’t blame it on my over-analysing brain.

I think that if you really liked me, you would know what kind of person I am from reading my blog or looking at my FB status updates, and you would know that I would be very happy to receive a confession. & I wouldn’t flat-out reject anyone, because I know how it hurts to like someone so much.

But I’ve yet to receive any, so. I may seem superficial, but I’m really not …I’ve liked so many people for the weirdest reasons, & I really go for the personality more than anything else.

But what matters is not the past, but the present, and at present, there really isn’t anything going on with anyone. If the fortune teller is right, he’ll come back into my life, but he should know, and I will tell him – that it will not be a long-term thing.

We’ll only have a few months (gosh I sound so gloomy). The uncle told me not to let him go this time. Okayyy, but I’m pretty certain he’s not The One. He may be my first love, for all I know, but definitely not someone I’d lose sleep and cry over for the rest of my life.

I don’t know who he is, maybe because I don’t want to be wrong, but I don’t want to be right either. Am I making sense? If I’m wrong, I may be disappointed, but if I’m right, I don’t know if I should be happy…




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