I’m really glad I met you.


Been reblogging SasuNaru gifs on tumblr…I got Vol 53 yesterday. Read those chaps long ago, but I just have to get my hands on whatever hints at SasuNaru.

Boxes, cards, bits of paper, posters…jigsaw puzzles, keychains.

I LOVE THEM SO SO SO MUCH. & honestly I always get depressed whenever people tell me that it’s not gonna happen, but somehow now I’m strangely optimistic.

I mean, it seems like everyone has given up on Sasuke. Sakura really almost died- how can you still be all, oh no Sasuke actually really loves her! WHO’S THE IDIOTIC FANGIRL NOW HUH?! Even Karin says she doesn’t care anymore.

I guess people will insist that it’s all just bromance, but honestly…I believe that with what we’ve got so far, a subtle SasuNaru ending seems likely. Whether they die, or one dies, or both live – it’ll always be about them. I can’t imagine either of them with anyone else- I don’t want to.

One of the best hints EVER

I remain convinced that this is a hint.  For the uninitiated, Sakura likes Sasuke so she offers him her lunch. Naruto likes Sakura so he offers her HIS lunch. So Sasuke…

I cried so hard when I watched that ep, with all the flashbacks. It feels as though, in the first season, a lot of hints came from Sasuke, because Naruto was constantly ‘chasing after’ Sakura. & now in Shippuden, it’s as though the roles have been reversed – now Naruto is the one who’s running after Sasuke – which is why I hope that in the end, they’ll finally meet each other halfway.

I can’t stand fangirls who like them just because they think it’s hot. SasuNaru is one of the best pairings ever, and I’ve been devoted to it since like – early 2007, that’s 5 years and counting – because it’s deep, raw, beautiful, and so messed up – it’s not a healthy relationship, but it’s perfect. You know? They just have to be together. That’s all.

On another note, I recently decided to get back into reading Archie again, on account of the cover  I spotted at Kino . Gay marriage, now? Juggie with Midge, running the Chocklit Shoppe? Dilton looking like a loony hobo? I like Archie Marries Veronica better because he’s miserable with her, and Betty and Reggie get together.

I’m kinda torn between Bets/Reg and Bets/Jug. I like Jug/Ron too. But if I had to pick my fave I’d go for Bets/Jug, mostly because many other fans out there agree (EVEN THE WRITERS HAVE SAID THAT THEY’D MAKE IT CANON IF THEY COULD)…& there’s this story I once read…I dug it out of my collection today. If you Google ‘Betty Jughead’ you’ll find this often-used strip: chocolatepuddingdiaries:

<3 Juggie.

Betty x Jughead forever (:

But I’ve always remembered this special story. It features Betty, Archie, Ronnie and Juggie as kids.

Archie, Juggie and Betty are on their way to Betty’s house to check out her new colour TV when Ronnie runs past. Archie invites her along but she says she’s got a surprise waiting at home. Naturally, Archie ditches Betty to follow her. Betty is angry but Juggie tells her to see what the surprise is.

Mr Lodge announces that the family will be moving out of Riverdale. Archie starts crying and gets all gloomy. He almost gets knocked down by a car and gets beaten up by Fangs Fogarty. Betty was happy at first, but upon seeing Archie so miserable, she starts to wonder if Ronnie leaving is actually anything worth celebrating.

Juggie and Betty talk to the new owner, and Betty tells him that the place is haunted. He disappears and the next day Archie announces that Ronnie isn’t moving away anymore. Betty says : ‘Oh, I’m so happy, Little Archie!’ and Juggie asks why she’s happy now that her competition is back in town.

With a tear rolling down her cheek, Betty replies that she’s happy whenever Little Archie is happy. Then in the last panel, as she goes off, she tells Juggie to NEVER tell Little Archie what she did.

To which Juggie goes, ‘ No, but if I ever start to like girls, you’re going to be the first one I go after!’

When I think about my fave pairings, especially SasuNaru, I don’t have to remember that I don’t have boys chasing after me, or that certain lowlifes in school exist. I can lose myself in my fandom for a while. That’s the power of a great story – provides a place for people to escape from their crappy lives. My life isn’t crappy but it’d be better if a bunch of people never entered it, and aren’t in it everyday.

I don’t even want to see their faces or hear their voices – sickening. I forgot to mention, Thing 2’s slang? Well it just means improper articulation – makes one sound like an SPG wannabe who cannot differ ‘bitch’ from ‘beach’.

Thing 1? One of her closest friends used to be teased in my primary school for digging her nose and eating her boogers. I still remember her for that. She claimed to not remember me when we met, but I’m sure she did. But that’s not the point – point is, you’re who you hang out with.

Which, I guess, explains your current circle of friends. (:


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