Can I just be an adult already?

Last Friday I had a good chat with Jaimie and Lay Yen after class, till about midnight. I really do love talking to adults, even if the feeling is not mutual. When I talked about how sad I was being single and old at 18, they laughed really hard – because they’re single at 28 and 44. Which in turn made me laugh because I realised how ridiculous I sounded.

& all the trivial little problems like friendship drama, schoolwork…in the eyes of adults, they’re just such inconsequential things. There are better things to worry or think about.

In any case, something came over me that day (Thurs morn). I have no idea why, but I felt so disappointed by the response I received that I decided to do something crazy. I debated about it for like all of 30 minutes, before going ahead.

Yeah I sent him a message on tumblr telling him to go check the dedication board in FC6.

(stole this from FB.)

It was nothing, just some lame note. The gist of it was : Hi I’ve seen you around and you seemed cool just saying hi yeah i know this is creepy okay well hi again yeah that’s it

Siqi and Jess told me they were proud of me, which made me really happy…Siqi was shocked speechless. She was like, OMG I REALLY CAN’T BELIEVE IT. FOR 3 MONTHS, YOU’RE LIKE NO I CAN’T EVEN TALK TO HIM AND NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU DO THIS?

Funny huh. That’s why I really wonder what my life would be like if all these random bursts of courage weren’t quite so random, but there all along. Told Maria & Jus yesterday, they were equally impressed. Guess I’m quite a brave girl after all, huh. HAHA.

No reply on Fri morn, and after 2 days of swearing off tumblr, no reply now either. But it’s okay. I feel like I can do anything now, y’know? If I ever like someone again, and for real this time, I’d do something about it.

Attended Darwin Day yesterday with Wai Meng.

this stamp gave me the courage to check my tumblr and face rejection haha. In the same way one might find comfort and get courage from a cross or a reading of the Bible, remembering that I’d gone for the talk and that I was a supporter of Darwin helped put things in perspective. I realised that in all my blind admiration and excitement, I’d ignored that we were of different faiths- so it would never have worked out, in any case.

I actually understand, ironically, why religious people love going to church and cell group meetings/outings. When I was there I just felt this sense of …belonging. Most people were friendly. I asked WM if we ought to mingle and the 2 guys in front of us turned back and we started talking. They were Econs/Engineering students from NTU. Then this Econs major from NUS joined in and it was pretty cool.

A lot of things were not easy to grasp, but it was still interesting to listen to. I wish I’d won the pretty book on Evolution though. 😦

oh & I didn’t know that the President, Mr Paul Tobin, was the one who talked to me at the refreshment table!

Him : Do you know what those are? (on the cookies)

Me: Uh, I heard someone say they were finches.

Him : Oh yeah I thought they looked like an octopus or something.

Me: Yeah I thought so too! Looks like a squid of some sort!

the delicious cookie. I took this other design, a fish with legs. (:




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