Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

It’s nice when people remember the little things about you that you never expected them to.

For instance, I was really rather surprised that the drinks stall guy at SN could remember my name – & that I wore my prized Germany jacket a lot back in Sec 3. That was about 4 years ago…? The black Germany jacket has gotten me quite a fair bit of attention, I must say – it’s a good luck charm (: I hardly wear it nowadays but I still love it.


the other Germany jacket, which I think he remembers me for…

Then as I was sipping on my iced tea I remembered my essay on ice, and Hazel brought it up too. I was like wow, you actually remember my story! 😀 SHOUTOUT TO YOU HAZEL, HI ! THANKS FOR REMEMBERING!

So my friends seem to have done pretty well (at least, those who have contacted me. Not sure when it’s safe to contact the others- maybe next week?). I told Ma about some who did exceptionally well , and she expressed her disappointment in me. Said I’ve lagged too far behind, that I was once the same as everyone else, but now I’m much worse off.

Okay, so I gave up on dreams of Oxford and such. While acquaintances/former friends gallop off to the pretty campuses of world-renowned universities, with their bright futures sealed, I’m entering Year 3 of my diploma, of which I’m not even the top student – nowhere near, in fact. I guess I got tired of the academic rat race early. Most of us aim to get into prestigious universities so that we can secure high-paying jobs – but maybe we don’t all have to conform to that.


I was thinking about the 1% that day – yes, the world is unfair, and even if we demand change, it will take a very long time – if change will even be effected. I don’t believe in living in excess.

Yeah sure, you might argue. What do you know about the struggle the poor go through? Everywhere I’m surrounded by people who can afford to go to the UK/US to study, by girls who can buy whatever they want whenever they want…

It is true that I’m very fortunate, & I know I’ve been taking many things for granted, which is why I’m always thinking of ways to earn money (though in the end I seem to lose more than I earn).

Today I had my first lesson with Kelly. She’s such a nice girl, & actually really smart. She just needs a BIG PUSH when it comes to English. I want to help her get at least a B3, and get into NP. I decided to charge less (agent still eats up the entire 1st month’s fees though) , on account of the fact that she’s from a single-parent family…


On another note…what does one do when one stumbles upon a dusty skeleton that had once been safely locked away in the closet of someone highly respected?

Do you lose all the respect you once had for them? Or do you forgive them?

So many people never live up to their fullest potential – and many brilliant people end up wasting their lives away…

That day Siqi paid me a random compliment, she said my nose was nice (: sweet of her. Justine’s bro thought so too, last time. Haha.

Oh after watching Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (which made me cry like hell) and seeing something on Tumblr, I’ve decided to try and encourage/inspire people everyday, or touch their lives in a similar manner.

Don’t know if such things work in a local context, or even in reality – perhaps some things are best left in reel life…

I feel kinda sad, that I don’t listen to what he posts anymore. I used to look forward to hearing something new everyday – now I avoid each post. Perhaps it’s for the best, that I did what I did – it helped me get over the crush somehow. But some part of me wonders if I should’ve left things the way they were – at least I could’ve continued listening to good music. I ruined it for myself, huh.



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