One voice can only shout so loud.

About 2 weeks before #Kony2012 went viral, I’d actually read (& subsequently posted about) the Machine Gun Preacher and his ambition to kill Kony.

No one responded back then, or asked me anything about Joseph Kony. I’d reblogged some of Invisible Children’s videos on tumblr, and posted a status update about how guilty I felt sleeping in air-conditioned comfort while children were being mutilated and raped… no response.

So imagine my surprise when I logged on to FB, to find my newsfeed flooded with people sharing pics, vids and ranting about Kony’s cruelty.

I understand that it’s not as though Kony were some obscure band that I had the honour of discovering early – in fact, I’m sure many people were aware of Kony years ago. Yet it seemed as though one of those ‘hey I’m gonna hop onto the bandwagon’ things, you know? Only this time for a good cause. 

Like when Michael and Whitney died, suddenly everyone was a fan and going R.I.P YOU WERE A LEGEND :'(… when in all honesty, they’d never heard a single song of theirs prior to their deaths.

I’m glad that people are aware about Kony now, but it really just feels as though everyone is just caught up in the passing wave again, and when it subsides, they’re gonna move on to something else. Someone else.

It also made me realise how unimportant what I have to say is. I could be blogging and talking about Kony, but no one would listen, right? There’s power in numbers. So how do I become someone worth listening to; someone who can INFLUENCE the way others think, and what they do?

a) become rich b) become famous c) become rich and famous d) go into politics

those are my options.


That day, by pure luck(or fate?), Ma decided to pick me up but she was pretty busy, so I hung around waiting for her. Josiah came along and talked to me, and mentioned that he was going to grab a cuppa with Mr Roy. I’d seen Mr Roy around, but I hadn’t actually attended any lesson of his . Well, Mr Roy came, & I was intending to stay and wait for my mum, but he asked if I wanted to join them, so I tagged along.

His background is really interesting- and as I listened to Josiah’s dreams and Mr Roy’s advice/praise for him, it soon became apparent that my intellect was like a tiny peanut – I knew so little – heck, I KNOW so little. Until then, it had never, ever crossed my mind to read say, Russian newspapers or to openly criticise the national newspaper.

He asked if I was in SPOT, and I told him I got rejected in Year 1, and he asked if it was because of my GPA. I told him that I thought I’d done pretty well at the interview, but perhaps my ‘O’ level scores were not good enough. He asked who interviewed me, and I said well, the Director. Then he told me he’d take me in. I was like WHOA WHAT?!

I almost teared up, I think. I’d wanted to be in SPOT so badly back then. Anywho, he invited me for the entrepreneurship workshop the next day, where I made new friends and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’m inspired to make those childhood dreams of mine come true – a fashion line, a cafe…whatever! Someday soon they’ll all be real.  (:

Well last night was the DURAN DURAN concert!! 😀 I wore the fierce pink blazer I’d been saving for the occasion, my go-to sneaker heels for gigs and graffiti leggings (: When I was waiting for Ma outside the loo ,  a lady passed by and said : “I love your socks!” . Teehee.

We didn’t have a spectacular view, despite paying for 2nd Cat tickets. 😦 There were empty seats in the centre, boo.

I couldn’t see Nick at all, and he hardly spoke, which was a pity. I wasn’t aware of any meet-and-greet sessions either..

Simon was really cute though, he stopped to tie his shoelace. Then he asked for help, but not with the shoelace, he said, he needed a fella to help lead the audience in for the next song (THE REFLEX!). After that when he introduced the band he hopped offstage and picked a lucky lady to introduce him! Gyaah…..’course, if I were her, I’d say : ‘THIS IS THE AMAZINGLY TALENTED, CHARISMATIC LEAD SINGER OF DURAN DURAN, SIMON LE BON! BUT I LOVE YOU, NICK RHODES!’

‘Course, that would probably earn me boos from the entire crowd. It was funny watching the adults boogie to all their old hits – hardly anyone danced to their new ones, so I was glad that they mixed it up a little.  They didn’t sing ‘Save a Prayer’ or ‘Electric Barbarella’, 2 songs which I absolutely adore. 😦

After the concert ended we heard some screams so we ran over, and this lady in her 50s perhaps, all decked out in 80s gear too, yelled : ‘RUN, LADIES, RUN!’ and the other went ‘HE MIGHT GIVE ME A KISS!’ . It was hilarious. There was a small crowd gathered where the vehicles enter/exit, and after a while it seemed like nothing was happening, so we decided to leave. I don’t have much patience for these things, unless a friend is with me… even then, we never have the luck to get a celebrity’s autograph/photo or even a mere glimpse of them up close 😦

Some guy shouted ‘COME BACK, YOU’RE NO LONGER 18!’ to his friend, and I laughed…it’s nice to know that those teenage fangirls are still somewhere inside of these women – it’s like a part of them that’ll never die.  I wish I were a teen girl back then ..!

As far as I know, Nick’s still single. & I don’t know if I’m just in love with who I think he is, or his past self, but I think I love Nick Rhodes because he’s a creative genius and he seems to be a great thinker. I know I’m younger than his daughter…sigh sigh sigh why couldn’t I have been born earlier, like waaaayyy earlier? 😦




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