Now my life is sweet like cinammon

Creative visualisation. Some swear by it; claim that it’s their reason for success. I tried doing it for my ‘O’s, but perhaps I didn’t really have enough faith.

I don’t know, my vision board’s in front of me, as always,and on it are pictures of stars I’d love to emulate : Taylor Swift and Emma Watson for their grace, good-girl image and intelligence. Taylor Momsen, Mika, Gaga, Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel for their individuality.  Newspaper clippings of Rhydian and Tom Price, as the ‘ideal boyfriend’ . A picture of Sasuke and Naruto, in hopes that it’ll someday be canon. & lastly, my goals, most of which haven’t been achieved.


I changed my FB current city to Le Havre (: I used to dislike it that some people would put fake info on their FB profiles (like that they can speak Swahili or that they live in Papua New Guinea when in reality they converse in Singaporean-accented English and stay in Hougang), but I’m hoping that this time acting as though it’s gonna come true WILL make it come true.

Justine remarked that I’ve become more cheerful upon entering poly. Yes yes, and why not? Even the drama that’s played out over the past couple of months isn’t dragging me down anymore. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. No getting yelled at for bad grades, no tearing my hair out over math, no crying because of feelings of worthlessness…

So, past couple of days, been busy filming the library orientation vid and emceeing for the DTVM grad show…didn’t do a spectacular job but hey. I tried. As Mrs Nath once told me and Ms Gamar also mentioned, ‘Pearl, you’re a good reader…not a good storyteller.’ It’s true, when I speak, my intonation is kinda flat and low, I can’t go all Kids Central-host squeaky and enthusiastic.

Borrowed an evolutionary biology textbook out of curiosity and Googled…there’s a degree offered by the University of Exeter which sounds cool, but I’d have to spend 9 months doing foundation, which includes English lessons :/ This was how I brought the idea up to my parents, and promptly got shot down :

Me: Did you take A level bio?

Dad: Arts student, obviously not.

Me: Oh…

Dad: Why?

Me: Nothing..just…um..

Dad: You like a boy who’s taking bio is it? (oh how well my parents know me…)

Me: No lah! I was just… *pokepoke* …thinking…that…I’d…like…to do…bio…

Dad: Are you crazy? You’re not serious, I know. This is just another of your ‘3-minute interests’ – you’ll move on to the next thing soon. Must I bring up the guitar again?

Me: -shamed into silence-


Me: Er, Ma, I know this might be crazy, but can I just ask…

Ma: *laughs* what?

Me: Er, do you think I can study bio …in college?

Ma: HUH?! I asked you to study hard for bio for your ‘O’ levels, and you didn’t listen, and now you want to do bio? Don’t lah. Why? You can’t do it.

Me: But I’m really interested in evolution…

Ma: It’s just a phase. Don’t think about it. You almost failed your bio at ‘O’s, how to do bio??














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