Boys, boys, boys…we love them!

Sadly, yeah.

Sometimes I’m so disappointed in them I contemplate ways to turn myself lesbian. No joke. I’ve liked girls before, and it seems that only girls have ever complimented me, so why the heck not, eh?

The answer is – because I’ve always been and still am boy-crazy, and two, my parents would kill me.

I actually wrote this out yesterday but half of my entry got deleted .(damn you WordPress!)

My student’s mum has been trying to matchmake me with her nephew. -.- 26 and an engineer apparently.

It started innocently enough, with her showing me family pics, and asking if I found him handsome.

To be polite, I answered ‘Okay’.

Then she went, ‘He’s a good boy. I shall introduce you two.’

& I freaked out and went ‘NO THANKS, NO THANKS! I ALREADY HAVE SOMEONE I LIKE AND HE(the nephew)’S NOT MY TYPE. ‘

She gave up after a while, so I thought that was that.





Student’s mum was like , ‘Ah! Here’s her cousin!’

& I was like, ‘eh.’ *turns back to student’s compo*

He said ‘Hi, nice to meet you’ out of courtesy and I returned the favour, only robotically.

After the lesson, she asked me to stay over for dinner the next time, and told me she’d ask him over again too, despite my protests.

‘Aiyah, make a new friend only what! Just talk lah!’

Honestly ma’am, I don’t mind making friends with a 26 year old guy. But only on my own terms and in circumstances like dance or language lessons. I don’t even mind being matchmade! Just as long as you KNOW for sure that the guy is someone I’d hit it off with. Don’t pair me up with random dudes, man! I’ve refused offers from friends (eh I intro you to my friend ah, quite cute) ….I’ll give you my list of requirements, help me find a guy like that, then we’ll talk, okay? (:

I think the ideal guy doesn’t exist. Because we’re only human, as the guys in my Pre-U Sem team so kindly reminded me today. I guess people would laugh, like, Pearl, you want a guy like that, either marry a kid (then again kids nowadays…) or a priest maybe. Wait you can’t marry a priest. Or can you? Ah forget it!

But no matter what, I still love boys. Why?!

I’ve never had one to call my own (haha like an object) , and I can’t even be proper friends with one…yet..

anyway one ‘ugly truth’ about the difference between boys & girls,  which should come as no surprise to you, but made me lose hope that the ideal guy exists:

E: What’s one thing teens want but can’t have?

Me : (in my head) Love. At least for me….

The boys start talking about how they’re thinking of the same thing that they won’t say out loud. Sigh.
So yeah um. Gotta stop worrying. He’s on his way. Yeah. He is.

I don’t sound very convincing, huh. hahahaha.







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