You’re like play-doh.

Okay so I wasted a good hour doing personality/love quizzes on Blogthings. But I like thinking that the results I get are somewhat accurate. Apparently, according to a few quizzes, I’m compassionate and feel deeply for others. I’d like to make the world a better place. & I’m not as much of an introvert as I thought I always was.  & I’m supposed to be confident,  but I’m not, especially when I dance. It’s been said.

Anyway, been stalking people and seeing where they’re all off to for college, what they plan to major in. I keep joking that maybe I should just move to Hollywood and work my way up from a Chinese waitress to a proper actress. Or maybe I ought to go to Taiwan and try to enter the entertainment industry.

I mean, at least that’s not something every other person I know is planning to do.  But I don’t intend to starve – unless I’m really sure that I’ll succeed, I’ll play it safe and get some practical degree.

I’m starting to get really annoyed by my cousin. He’s 10 but he acts like he’s 6. He just sits there and plays games all day, or kicks a football around, or pummels a teddy…with the TV on. He only does his homework at like 10, 11pm , and even then it’s not like he’s using much brainpower to get it done..he just sloppily completes it, on the floor or the sofa. He never reads anything. It’s just play, play, play all day.

Honestly…and he makes so much noise. Whatever he says is never meaningful, often they’re just weird screechy sounds or mangled sentences and made-up words.

I just…I mean, I’m similar to my 3 cousins in Ottawa in some ways, and my not-so-little cousin in Perth too. We’re all girls who love reading, quirky things, volunteering, and living life the way it ought to be lived – free and easy, the way we want to.

I really don’t like it when people laze about all day with no real purpose in life, and have no absolute goals or dreams – or worse, no personality.

Bland people often have a lot of friends/admirers though, and I always wondered if it’s because they blend in (bland, blend… geddit) easily –  I mean, you’re like play-doh, and these people mold you into whatever they’d like you to be – and you DO have the ability to be shaped in any way. So everyone likes you.

The guys were telling me about this supposedly high-profile girl that many guys are going after. How does one get to that status? Of being known across schools? They say it’s because she’s really pretty but I’ve seen prettier. Maybe she’s outstanding, like our SN girls. I don’t know her. Can’t say.

Then my friend told me about how he fell in love at first sight with this girl I sorta-know, a friend of a friend.

I started getting all pessimistic again after that. These girls don’t even have to try and they have boys falling at their feet. I could be standing on the street with a neon sign flashing : ‘SINGLE’ and the only things swarming around me would be flies.

The adults tell me, ‘don’t worry, you’re still young. Wait a couple more years, then you’ll have to fend boys off with a bat!’

oh really. Will you tell me I’m still young when I’m 25 and haven’t been on a date? 6 years go by quickly – it seems like not long ago that I became friends with Justine and Maria.

I need to get out there more.


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