& suddenly, it’s crystal clear

I’ve always wanted to be different, but in my attempts I always find that I’m never different enough.

In the midst of college apps for all my JC friends, I’ve started thinking a little more about where I really want to go. Every few months I change my mind, but I’ve always been firm about not going to Canada, Australia, the US or the UK.

Lorri was like whoa, that’s a lot of places you don’t like, and few that you do –  Taiwan, HK, China, France and Germany. That’s all…

So many people I know are studying abroad – there’s nothing wrong with staying here. But I guess everyone’s itching to get a taste of living on their own in a foreign land.

Well today I was telling Rebekah, so many people wanna do poli sci – I don’t want to do it anymore. Is there some obscure degree that I can get that no one would do? It’s not like I’m interested in politics anyway- just wanted to study in France.

But well, Le Havre may be cool and all, but the city isn’t really for me . I thought about it in terms of staying there long-term…and I realised that I am just too Asian. I love my rice- I can’t live without it. In HK I can stuff myself obese at all the char-chan-tengs. I Googled for dance schools in Le Havre. Got 1 or 2 results which did not look too appealing. In HK, there are so many schools offering dance classes, I felt excited just scrolling through the sites!

That’s another thing – in HK I have my relatives , and my parents can fly there anytime. I can visit my friends back home much more often than if I were to go to France. I can save money and use that money to go for classes or buy nice things for myself 😀

Sure, I won’t be living the European life I envisioned for myself- but I’m Chinese and proud of it. I may not be leaving for someplace far away but if I’m lucky I can still do a semester at Sciences Po Paris!

At the very least, I’ve attended a class at Le Havre, right? haha.

Well, all that’s left now is to make sure I can get in!!! 😀



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