It wasn’t a sign. It was coincidence.

You make millions of decisions that mean nothing, and then one day you decide to order takeout and it changes your life.

I’ve always liked that line from Sleepless in Seattle…it’s kind of how I guess the best things happen…like they’re meant to be. I don’t know, maybe everything in our lives is random – maybe there’s no meaning. Some people credit God, some Fate, and some just shrug their shoulders and figure they got lucky somehow.

Well because of the CEP Dialogue Session in the morning (I talked to someone important from MINDEF and had no idea who) , I didn’t eat a proper lunch, which I would have if I’d been tutoring Aadithya.

So I went to Macs to get a cup of corn, and almost left the queue because they were taking a while, but decided to stay since I was still early for the PUSEM meeting.

So I got my corn and wanted to take the staircase leading to Koufu to go up the hill, but there was construction, forcing me to take the back route, which I never ever take.

So as I walked down the stairs, Guy passed by talking about looking for someplace, but I didn’t think much of it. Saw someone whom I suspected was Weilun up ahead and thought to myself, ‘is that Weilun? Should I say hi? hm but what if it isn’t, that would be embarrassing.’ Then Weilun turned and headed towards FC4 so I waved. Yeah it was him.

Anyway, so Guy was just slightly ahead of me, and he paused. For one second I wondered if I ought to ask if he needed help, but decided that I wasn’t going to be a kind Samaritan today and turned the other way, ready to walk up.

Well he stopped me and told me he was lost, so I was like, oh, where are you planning to go?

& he said the Stadium. For a minute I was confused and almost pointed the wrong way, but then I remembered how to get there. On hindsight, I actually took him on a longer route I think. Oh well.

So I tried to explain, but he seemed really confused, and I was early, so I offered to walk him there. Quite interesting, the things you can find out in the span of just a short walk. Not much, but enough.

Right now his face is slightly fuzzy already- & I doubt he’ll remember my name, or that this even happened. Still, being a girl who grew up on a diet of Hollywood romcoms and dramas, yes, I will remember it as a potentially good meet-cute. I have enough info to stalk I suppose but I think I’ll spare him (& myself) – probably pointless.

ScarJo and Bradley Cooper’s meet-cute in He’s Just Not That Into You – one of the nicest ones I’ve seen šŸ˜€

Well that’s that I guess.

Oh I also thought about how funny it was that I could know of someone for years and only end up being their friend a long time after I’d first heard of/seen them, and it’s especially ironic when I actually thought I’d never get to be friends with them.

Ah life.


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