You can’t fly unless you let yourself fall

I haven’t had the chance to thank certain people, and I think now is a good time to do it. If birds of a feather flock together, then I am privileged to be able to know all of you. Seriously, all of you humble me, and make me feel like a smarter, better person just engaging in conversation with you.

I know that Lorri doesn’t read my blog, but whenever I talk to her, we laugh and come up with potentially brilliant yet equally ridiculous ideas that might never see the light of day. She’s the one who constantly messages me, and we’ve been friends for 5 years.  While we may disagree on certain things or have doubts about ourselves, we always pull through and for now we’re still going strong. I don’t want to say things like ‘I hope we’ll stay friends forever’, but I hope that we’ll both succeed in our respective fields, and remain supportive.

Hi there Nikki 😀 haha you randomly decided to read my blog one day and sent me a nice message, and from then on we’ve talked a fair bit! I like having conversations with you – you’re so supportive and sweet, and I’m grateful for that. It’s really inspiring to see you pursuing something you’re really passionate about, as opposed to many of us, who meander along without a clue as to what we really want to do. You’re mature and fiercely intelligent, and when you tell me that maybe I can’t relate to certain activities and people because I’m more mature, it’s a compliment that I want to cling on to, because it’s from someone like you! I hope you open an orphanage someday and make sure justice is served 😀 I have faith in you!

Hello Gerrie, another faithful reader of mine!! 😀 thank you for still keeping in touch even after …6 years?! It makes me happy knowing that someone like you treasures my friendship. You always play down your amazing achievements and abilities, and I really think you should just shine like the insanely smart, talented person that you are!! Thank you for being there when I need a sympathetic ear.

A few days ago Charlotte contacted me, after having been out of touch for what – 3 years? I was really happy, because now I’m having a less-than-stellar time in school, and reconnecting with old friends always makes me feel better. We’ve been messaging, mostly updates on what has happened since we last met, books…this girl has known me since I was 8 & a new girl at <Kellock>. I was mean to her once, but she’s forgiven me for it. Her intelligence leaves me in awe, and I’m glad that she’s back in my life again.

A month or so back, I was pleasantly surprised to see an FB message from someone I hadn’t spoken to in 7 years. We ended primary school on a relatively unpleasant note, if I recall, though we were friends for a brief period of time. I added her on FB in 2009 I think, but we never talked until I decided to comment on a status of hers.

As I was probably flooding her (& everyone else’s ) newsfeed with my mopey statuses on why no boys liked me, she decided to send me a very sweet message telling me that relationships were not the be-all and end-all, and that I shouldn’t be thinking of entering one right now, that I ought to be independent and confident . Hearing that from someone who I’m sure people would agree is beautiful and smart (politics at King’s College, anyone?) was comforting, and I think the number of mopey posts has decreased significantly. I hope. Thank you, Olivia. (:

Maria and Justine have been there for me all along, through the ups and downs, and they didn’t give up on me, even when I cut myself off from them. I cannot thank them enough for putting up with my hyper-sensitivity and insecurities – I must have brought them down in secondary school, and yet…here we are, 6 years on, still going strong. They’re the constants in my life, and even though we don’t speak everyday, when we do meet, it’s so comfortable. They’re supportive and wonderful, and I will keep my promise to them.

Hey Wai Meng, if you’re reading this! (: Thanks for reading my blog and actually reacting to my posts!! I hope that your DTVM journey will be a more pleasant one than mine has been, and that you’ll continue being the bright individual that you are. Keep thinking independently and join me for more cool events like Darwin Day haha! 😀

There are a couple of others who aren’t always by my side, but whom I can rely on for a good chat from time to time, and I want to thank them for it. Wei Ling, Jess, Hazel…Sharmila (:

FOR YOU, HAZEL 😀 THANKS FOR BEING MY ORANGE BOWL BUDDY AND FOR BEING MY FRIEND AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!! You’re a smart girl who knows what she wants, and goes after it! We should do more covers together!! 😀

Rebs and Elitha, you can just read the notes I’ve written for you in Sarawak. haha.

All the people I’ve met through German (Estelle, Jaimie..) ,  dance (Joh Ting, Rebecca…) and events like Poly Forum or Pre-U Sem…they don’t know that much about me, and that’s why I love talking to them. It’s like who schoolmates think I am doesn’t matter. I’m just Pearl. & they offer different perspectives on life, and it’s just refreshing.

I think things have changed since I’ve stopped attending classes at Goethe – there, surrounded by adults, conversation is different. Polite, superficial at times, but you’re always aware that these are people who are working, and think that what you’re facing is probably as worthy of worry as a pimple. They find your 18-year-old opinions and ideas amusing,and that’s what I like – hanging out with older people but not having to pretend that I’m an old soul.

There were certain people in my life that I’ve had to leave, or who left me because we grew apart. But I guess that we gravitate towards like-minded people, and it’s only natural to end things when thoughts and lifestyles begin to oppose. I’m sure that we’ll be infinitely happier with people who match us in terms of personality/character, intelligence, values and interests.

& so with this gratitude and newfound enlightenment, I move on from here. I will attend more events in hopes of attracting people with a similar outlook on life, and hopefully 1 or 2 will become as good a friend as those mentioned above.





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