Believe it.

You know, people snicker or give me a sympathetic ‘aww’ and a pat on the back when I tell them I believe in true love and fate and soulmates. They think it’s ridiculous, that those things don’t exist. & even if they did, they only exist for a lucky few, an exclusive group I probably won’t be a part of. 

But that’s not really the point here. My point is, I believe in things people find silly, and people believe in things that I find silly too. I think the least that we could do for each other is to leave the mocking to when we’re in the company of fellow cynics. 

Okay I don’t really know what I’m getting at anymore. But today I helped out the Humanist Society for the 1st time (: 

At first I felt awkward, and I didn’t think everyone was particularly friendly …I guess humanists are different, they seem very individualistic. But put them with a bunch of people they’re familiar with, and they’re jokey, warm and fun to be around. 

I helped to tick off names, so I kinda recognise people now, which might come in handy if I attend the next meetup.  There was this guy I found quite cute, but he wasn’t very friendly when I ticked off his name. I didn’t get to talk to him after that anyway. Found him on FB though, we have a mutual friend. 

I turned to the lady beside me and just asked if she was here alone, and if this was her first time etc…somehow felt like I was running through a standard pick-up routine. It didn’t help that we were in a pub. 

Quite a few of the humanists actually came from very religious backgrounds. I thanked my mum just now for raising me in a relatively liberal home environment the only thing she was fanatical about was grades. 

Anyway, Liyan brought me to the TABLE OF YOUTH, where the youngest members happened to be sitting. Okay not everyone at the table was young, but the youngest was 16! :0 

So we listened to people share stories about how they came to not believe, and of course we brought up that book, which apparently is a must-read for all humanists but we all admitted that some bits were kinda meh. 

(Maybe you read it to act smart or because you’re just a copycat with no originality whatsoever. We may not need religion to teach us morals but some people clearly lack them in any case. )

The food wasn’t too bad, though I only ate a bit. Spent the rest of the time mingling – okay mostly talking to the people at my table, and then listening to Alvin? Calvin? regale us with dramatic retellings of certain stories most are familiar with. 

I don’t know who I’ll see again next time, probably the regulars, and the exco…but it was nice getting to know a bunch of fellow humanists. 

I’m sure now that I can only ever be with someone who gets me and laughs when I tell them how I got into humanism in the first place. I used to think, pssh, true love will transcend everything, even differences in beliefs. But maybe not anymore. 

That day I was talking to a friend of mine I recently patched up with, who mentioned that maybe she shouldn’t have been hanging out with so many atheists. 

But we’re not all like that. We’re just people who realised that we can’t bring ourselves to believe in what you do, but we know well enough to respect you (& the millions of people who are like you). 

An evil person is just evil, however, regardless of her faith or lack of. I like to think that we’re all good deep down inside. But sometimes I’m not sure. Right now the only thing I can do is to be happy, make more friends and keep old ones, and help others. I’ll let karma take care of you someday. 

I visited this little boy’s home for my 1st wish last Saturday…there are so many things we take for granted. Even something so simple as swallowing our own saliva, something which we do every 5 seconds or whatever. Some kids get robbed of a normal childhood because of physical deficiencies. & here we are, calling ourselves ugly and tearing ourselves down. 



Work has been fun fun fun. Sometimes I don’t do much but…yeah it’s a great place, anyway. 😀 Especially compared to some places my classmates got sent to, from what I’ve heard. 

Plus the arrival of the cute new guy has perked up my office life. Okay so he’s about 31, but I think he’s single. Not that it matters…I find it embarrassing when people talk about him openly though..I think he probably knows who is going gaga over him. No chance to talk to him I suppose, he’s in a different department. 😦 



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