People are like chameleons



It always happens, sometimes without you even knowing it. 

Taylor Swift experienced it when her friends suddenly didn’t want to hang with her, and so did Shay Mitchell. I had to deal with the drama that started last year, and I know I didn’t do anything wrong. 

Sometimes in life you’re gonna meet people like that, who suddenly decide that they dislike you for no reason. Or maybe there is a reason, but it’s probably something stupid like the fact that you giggle a lot or that you have curly hair…like suddenly they just find it annoying. 

In primary school I used to be like that. I used to ‘scold’ my besties over things like wearing bandannas, talking more to other people, and I didn’t like people because they talked too much or they weren’t ‘cool enough’. Then it started happening to me, so I changed, and now that I’m pretty much okay with people, they aren’t okay with me again.  Sheesh. There’s no pleasing the human race, is there.

I think that’s why people turn to music, books , art, dance and languages for solace…these things don’t hurt you. They only help you become a smarter, better person. They want to see you succeed, and they have no selfish aims. Sure, sometimes you feel frustrated when you keep getting a step wrong, or you mess up your painting or essay…but  these things don’t ignore you. If you want them, they’re there for you. Always. 

When people treat you inconsistently, just remember the bigger picture, of which they’re only a minute detail, no more than a dot or a pixel. I have other things to do for now, and it’s not worth worrying about what people think of me, when I’ll never see them again after a couple of months. & how much do they know about me anyway? Practically nothing. 

Life goes on. I’d rather focus on things like what happened yesterday… 

so we decided to (finally!) drop the dogs off at home to have lunch, and once again we couldn’t figure out where to go. Mum randomly suggested the chicken rice place we always pass by on the way to Kovan.  We managed to get the tyres fixed as well. 

It was crowded because the restaurant didn’t have many tables in the first place, so we had to share with an old couple. When we sat down, I heard them speak in French, and Ma and I smiled. So after an exchange of smiles, Ma struck up a convo, and asked if they were French. She went ‘Bonjour’, to which they asked ‘Parlez- vous Francais?’ and then I said ‘Oui, un peu…je veux aller a Paris pour etudier.’ 

We talked for a little bit more, and the adults exchanged name cards (: I was happy when the man said that my accent wasn’t bad! I know that I have a long way to go, because it still takes me time to form my sentences, which may not be gramatically correct – I said ‘ si je pourrais’, but he said that was wrong, that I ought to go ‘si je peux’. 

Still, meeting them made me sure that this is what I wanna do…improve and put my skills to good use somehow. Yup. 

So yes…I think I am most likely going to the CCFS, unless by some miracle I’m accepted by HKU or Sciences Po. It’s an extra year, but attending HKU and a local uni would require 4 years anyway, so it evens out in the end. 


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