I’m strong enough to go without it.

So I read Matched and Crossed by Ally Condie, finally (thanks, Abby).  I mean I’d seen it around in Kino, but never thought of getting it because I assumed I was past the YA genre. So much for wanting to be mature, because I was hooked. 

I wouldn’t say that the writing style is fantastic, but somehow its simplicity reminds me of my own writing. No flowery language. It’s straight to the point and evokes emotion without being too cheesy like Edward & Bella.

The book’s not really the point of this blog post, though. I was just struck by what Cassia’s grandpa said to her – that she was strong enough to go without (the tablets, which would help calm her/make her forget).


I’m sure there’s a reason why Demi is proud of being sober and clean, after all she’s been through.

That line really spoke to me. So many people are weak and rely on things like alcohol, sex and drugs to fill up that void inside.  I guess it’s a lifestyle choice kind of thing, and I know people always argue that there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a bit of ‘fun’, as long as you don’t cross the line.


you really wanna look like that ? I just googled Drunk Girls and the images scared me more than Chucky. This isn’t even the worst of it.

Sometimes people seem concerned that I’ll fall into the trap of peer pressure; that somehow I’ll go to college and go wild. But truth is, I’m more afraid of that than anybody else. Ma insisted that I learn to hold my liquor for fear that someone might get me drunk, but I can’t stand more than a sip. Why would I want to play drinking games involving drinks I can’t tolerate the taste of 

Everyone goes on about how you’ll never know, like you might think that you can resist it, and in that moment you’ll just cave in and accept the little white pill in someone’s outstretched palm …but why would you just suddenly forget? Why would you think, pfft, I’ll just swallow something strange and feel good for a while, why not? The only pills I want to swallow are when I’m sick, and even then they have to be forced down my throat. 

I just think it’s ridiculous to sit there all giggly and high, letting seconds slip into minutes, then hours, then days…I’m aware that there are people who can take drugs and be high achievers – but eventually most of them would have to make a choice, and that choice would be to be clean. 

Sex isn’t a bad thing, but in my opinion, being promiscuous is. We may not be meant to be monogamous. But if all you’re doing is seeking carnal pleasures day after day (or rather, night after night) … I just think that eventually you need more than that. 

I just think that there’s much more to life than partying. Sure, I don’t lead an extraordinarily productive life either. Still…maybe I just don’t get these people, and they don’t get me.  I’m glad my friends are rather similar to me- birds of a feather flock together, and all that. 

I just wish I could meet more of these people, guys especially, so that they’d restore my faith in the world. But what am I saying, I have no right to judge…as long as people are happy, huh? 


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