‘Paranormal activity’

I’d looked up sleep paralysis about a couple of months back, in an attempt to find out whether or not my experiences were something out of Paranormal Activity or just, as my mum claimed, stress taking its toll on my body. 

I’ve had quite a few incidents so far, mostly involving someone choking me and me trying to scream, but no words coming out. In Sec 3/4 things got worse, I started hearing people mumble and incessant buzzing in my ear, like a mosquito that wouldn’t go away. I thought I was turning psycho. 

Once in a while, I dream of a black figure hugging me tightly.  The scariest I’ve had so far was hearing my chair roll across the floor loudly – it sounded more like roars than anything else. Often I find myself unable to move for a long time after that, out of fear. I’m awake and trying my best to sleep, but I can’t…until eventually I do drift off. 

Last night was one of the scariest, though. It happened out of nowhere. I just heard my chair rolling across the floor again, and then I heard really loud static/white noise in my head. I remember thinking that I was going to be possessed and that I had to fight it. Then I heard a deep, devil-like voice say something like : ‘Join us…’ and I knew it was coming from the end of my bed.

I also heard Winnie (who sleeps with me every night) growl faintly. I was trying to reply to the voice…I wanted to tell it : No, I won’t! I’m not going to let you take over my body! But only my lower lip could move, and I just sputtered. 

Then just as quickly as it happened, it ended, and I was left feeling unsure if it was real or not. 

It’s absolutely terrifying, and it’s not hard to understand why most people would mistake such encounters as those of the supernatural kind. 

I don’t know what I’m stressing out over again, but I really need to calm down. I’m lucky the encounters haven’t gotten worse, like I’ve read of some cases where people ‘wake up’ to see figures, or faceless people touching them…in some instances, they feel someone pulling off their blankets. 

It’s just so scary… and I feel really awful and tired right now because I didn’t get a good night’s rest.



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