Just daydreaming about the future

Just felt like writing because I’m kinda bored and I have time (sorta). 

Met Maria for lunch that day and I was so excited when she said that she’d applied to France for exchange- okay so it’s her 2nd choice but still! 

How awesome would it be if we could spend like a semester journeying through quaint French towns, eating at little cafes and people-watching, taking tons of pics and just living it up? 

I think she has a higher chance of going than I do of getting into Sciences Po though. I’m a little worried now, because frankly it’s like gambling and placing all your bets on this one thing that you want so badly – but you only have a 30-40% chance of winning it. 

I hope that all the signs are leading me there. Any sacrifice I’ve had to make or any hurt I’ve gone through would be worth it then. I know that it’s not where you go but what you do that matters, but I just can’t help but think that my life will be drastically different if I go there – the allure of the Great Perhaps. 

Sorry, keep going on about Sciences Po- it’s just, college is a really big step, and it’s something to look forward to. I just keep dreaming about the people I’ll meet, the kind of girl I’ll be… you know, one of those silly fantasies where I see myself in a nice coat and a braid, walking into some French bookstore and flipping through some old novel, striking up conversations with strangers ladeeda…

Pssh yeah right. Haha. Everything is like a movie in my head. Wish I could fast-forward to the part where I find out if I’m in or not, but…sigh. HKU will be posting letters soon- I am not expecting anything, really. 

blarghhhh bored out of my gourd – I know I resolved to make each day meaningful and exciting, but it’s not exactly easy when you’re stuck here. & some things just don’t happen the way you want them to. Like, I would want a Noah-&-Allie kind of romance to make life exciting, but carnivals here are lousy and no boy is gonna jump onto a moving Ferris Wheel to ask me out. 

9 days into the new year….it hasn’t started out well. Hope things get better. 

I just think that if I’m nice to the world, maybe the world will be nice back. But I know it doesn’t work that way. 


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