I was standing at the edge of the runway, wishing I could fly.

Breaking out into song, complete with pained expressions and ’emo’ hand gestures. Laughing about books and fandoms over Gula Melaka Tea. Loitering at the MRT. Talking about how life would be if it were a musical/movie. Thinking about life and where the decisions we’re making now will lead us. 

I’m really gonna miss all of that. There’s always Skype and Whatsapp…and I think that as long as both try to keep the friendship alive, nothing’s gonna change. & I’ll definitely visit, when I can. 


I don’t know, it just hit me yesterday that we’re really good friends, and have been for 6 years. & that you’ve been a constant presence, but now you’re gonna be hours away – and if I leave too, then we’re literally on different sides of the world. 😦

I’ll miss you, Lorri. 😥 

HELLO READERS OF PEARLA’S BLOG!!! – Abby says hello to all of you, by which we really mean 2 people- you know who you are. No, I’m kidding. Really.

Since I’m on the topic of friendship and leaving and blah and Abby has been bringing it up (IF YOU’RE READING THIS, HI. ) …. I don’t forget people. Like, I know I don’t take initiative to text first or do stuff or anything, but if you want to talk to me, I’m not gonna ignore you. & I’ll meet if you want to meet. So don’t worry …drifting apart is natural, but I think that people will find their way back somehow, if the friendship is meant to be. 


I’ll try to make the effort to keep in touch, okay? I promise. (:

& finally…I’ve written so many things about how I felt the past 2 weeks but I think it’s time for me to stop. I don’t expect, want or need anything. I just hope that you’ll remember. Even if it’s something smalllike the fact that I get hungry at 4-ish or that I love green. Just that. & I’ll be fine. I remember things about people, and even if I end up hating them, I don’t completely wipe them out of my memory, y’know? 

I won’t know your reasons, and I don’t have to.  I just didn’t expect nothing…but maybe it’s easier to say nothing sometimes. I’ve spent too long thinking stuff over and I’m probably making a mountain out of a molehill so yeah. I’m used to this, and I dealt (am dealing?) with it the only way I know how – listening to music, writing, watching movies, reading – basically, escapism.

& I guess I’m just thinking about the stuff I’ve got planned for the future – it helps me remember who I am. & that’s really important. 


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