In another life, I’d be a rock star

I’m a sucker for anything to do with fate, reincarnation, soulmates…the idea that you could be different people in different lives and yet still essentially remain you.  Maybe that’s why I can’t stop raving about Cloud Atlas. I think it was – and don’t kill me for this – better than Silver Linings Playbook. Honestly. 

It’s just really interesting to think about who we might have been in a past life, or who we might be in the future. I know some religions aren’t allowed to believe in reincarnation…but I think it’s just really amazing – like if you hear a piece of music and you think, hey that sounds familiar…or you get this odd sense that you’ve been somewhere before, but you know that it’s your first time there. Or my absolute favourite, meeting someone and feeling as though you’ve known them forever though you just met. 


I read about how soulmates don’t always meet in every life, and I think that’s sad and beautiful at the same time. Like in Cloud Atlas, there was one life in which Tom Hanks and Halle Berry merely exchanged a glance at a party. & then in another life, he was just briefly thinking about the possibility of loving her – but he couldn’t. At least they could be together in the Prescient-Valleysmen life. 


There’s just something so romantic about hoping to be together in the next life, if you can’t be together in this one. 

On to something unrelated! 

Lorri and I played Rock Band for what might be the last time in a long while yesterday, and I just ..I don’t know if any words can describe how I feel whenever I’m pounding away on the drums. Okay on my birthday I was just a flop, honestly, but that’s cuz Sham was such a pro drummer I felt so ashamed and self-conscious. 

And the other day I sucked too, while playing with Rebekah, but I blame the set for that – the drums were falling apart and the tips looked like they were gonna split anytime. 


Ohhh but yesterday was just pure awesome – it was like therapy. We’re always like, ‘ANGRY SONGS!’ and then she’ll sing her heart out/play the guitar while I frenetically try to hit each note. I don’t know if real drummers would pass by and go ‘pssh look at that girl, acting like she knows how to play’ – but when I’m IN THE ZONE I don’t care. I just lose myself in the moment, y’know? Like all I see are the notes that I have to hit, and all I hear is the rhythm, and my hands and right leg just go on automatic. 


I ‘expert’-ed pretty much all the way after warming up with a ‘medium’ on Pumped Up Kicks and maybe a ‘hard’ on some other song. I’m pretty sure I’m a sorry excuse for a drummer, but I do get 60-85%  depending on the song, so I’m hoping that’s not too bad, considering I’ve only ever played Rock Band less than 10 times I think? & I actually broke out in sweat yesterday! 


like this, but I was like the potato version in my bright yellow Aeropostale hoodie and Spill Canvas tee. 

I just love that feeling – that ‘high’ you get, like your hands are aching and red and they feel raw, but you just wanna go on and on. Like you can keep drumming for hours. Granted, these aren’t real drums, but …ugh!! I don’t know, I’ve been drawn to the drums since I was 14. I just don’t feel the same way about the piano. Like I don’t even touch it unless there’s some song I want to figure out the simple chords to or something. There’s no way I’d wanna sit there for hours on end. 

Drumming’s different…just this odd feeling that it’s …natural, somehow. Not that I’m really good, but…I just feel in my element when I’m playing. & if I could feel that way all the time, that’ll be great. It makes me so happy. 


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