People help the people

Was preparing for my interview when I came across this article :

People may ask – why do you believe in humanity, when sometimes it seems like there’s no hope for the world at all? & I’ll answer- stories like the above. What made me feel like crying was the fact that these women have barely enough for themselves, and they’ve gone through so much suffering – but they gave all they had to buy his ticket home, and they take turns to keep him safe. 

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& here we are complaining about trivial matters. What does it matter that I have never been liked, when these women are being assaulted? They deserve love, perhaps much more than I do, but they aren’t giving up on themselves – they’re fighting for their rights and filling their lives with love in another sense. 

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The other night I was talking to Joanna, and I realised that we have very similar values – we both think that helping others is important, although we may be idealistic. Funny thing is, she’s a devout Christian and I’m a humanist. I don’t want to go into religion because it’s sensitive, but I just hope that religious people will stop stereotyping those who don’t believe as ‘evil’ and ‘immoral’. I am interested in improving the lives of others because I want to. ‘Just being good for goodness’ sake’ . (:

There’s a Chinese phrase : 人性本善 – how do I translate that, exactly? Guess it means that humans are inherently good…? Anyway, I believe that. There are truly psychotic people out there, true – but then you have stories of kidnappers releasing hostages, or ‘evil’ people changing their minds…I don’t know, I just want to believe that we’re all better than that, whatever that means. 

I’ve crafted a rough life-plan of sorts, but I know that unexpected things are bound  to happen. Still, finding love and making a difference in the world are my top priorities. 

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I’m glad that my mum trusts me to figure these things out on my own, and she believes in me. She said that I look like a weak person but I’m actually quite the tough cookie, especially when it comes to relationships and feelings and stuff. I mean, I acknowledge my sad feelings – I cry once, maybe twice, feel emo about not having my feelings returned- and then I tell myself to move on. Sometimes I’m so frustrated, but just as strongly as I believe in humanity, I believe that I’m worthy of a great guy and that I’ll meet him someday. 

But I’ll save these thoughts for a BFS93 post. (: For now, I just want to ace my interview – my 1st step to changing the world. 


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