If you’re cheating, cheat on, yeah…cuz cheating’s just the thing you do.

Been meaning to blog about this topic for some time, but the timing’s absolutely perfect now, with the recent announcement of plans to start Ashley Madison in Singapore. Ashley Madison who? For the uninitiated, it isn’t some designer label but a site for married individuals to find other married individuals to have dalliances with. Whoa, what? Yeah. Because ‘Life is short. Have an affair’. (Anyway the Block Ashley Madison in Singapore FB page is gaining traction…hope it works out!)


I guess I ought to begin with my views on marriage, or relationships in general. I’ve heard so many tales of infidelity and separation that I’m frankly tired of it. Teenagers and young adults tend to have a lot of drama (so she’s sleeping with him but also this other guy and he’s seeing her but they’re not official so he’s kinda dating someone else too etc…) . I’ve never been in love, so I won’t pretend to know the reasons why people stay even after their partner cheats on them, but for me, it’s a deal-breaker. 


I don’t intend to get married unless I’m absolutely certain that person is The One.



But how can you tell? Some people divorce after 10,20 years. Okay. Maybe I won’t get married ever. I’m not a religious person, so it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t need that certificate and the supposed ‘security’ that comes with it. It’s not as messy to kick your live-in boyfriend out of the house if he cheats on you. 

The ridiculous thing is that these married people who want to have affairs don’t want a divorce. They want to have their cake and eat it. They want someone to come home to – they want their family, but they want a little fun on the side. Human beings may not have been made to be monogamous but if you want to ‘YOLO’ it up, then please please please stay single. Sleep with a woman/man a night. Don’t get married for the sake of it, start a family, and then start cheating. You’re breaking hearts in the process and screwing up your kids’ lives. 


I think Singapore society is already corrupt enough as it is (so many sex ‘scandals’ – are they even scandalous anymore? There’s an underage sex case every other day) …

I really think that people can’t be trusted nowadays. ‘Blurred lines’, honestly- people are so low-key that they don’t make it clear enough they’re in a relationship, and sometimes they act like it’s okay to flirt and lead people on because they’re not official with their supposed ‘boy/girlfriend’.

secret relationship


It’s NOT okay. Make it clear and freaking stay loyal to the one you chose, or get out if you’re not 100% invested in the relationship.


& it’s people like YOU who get the girls/guys? Seriously. It’s so ironic. The ones who would make dedicated partners and would never cheat just get played or worse, ignored and placed on the sidelines. 

Really makes you wonder if any decent guys exist (though I know a few girls equally guilty of two/three-timing).


IS love really worth it? I find myself asking this quite a lot nowadays, especially when I’m currently so busy battling my own demons – the possibility of ever finding someone I can connect with gets smaller and smaller. 


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