This is what makes us girls.

So, I’m done with Girls S1 & 2! Been wanting to watch it for a long time thanks to all the hype but never got a chance to, until I came across the DVD boxset in HMV. So yay. Not too sure if I’ll be able to watch S3 anywhere but we’ll see. 

Anyway, the show gives me mixed feelings. I mean, I like it. It’s funny, witty …very real. Which also makes it slightly painful to watch. I can relate to certain things but at the same time, some of the things the characters get up to feel far-fetched. Here’s what I think about each of them :

Hannah – 


I can definitely relate to that. I’m highly critical of myself – pretty sure I’m my own worst enemy. My body shape is also more similar to Hannah’s than any of the other girls, so while I don’t openly struggle with my body image, I do know the pain of having tummy flab – I haven’t had it jiggled by a guy, but well. It’s there, and it’s in the way when I dance, and I’d like it gone. 

Hannah’s also a writer – not that I would call myself one, exactly, because I haven’t written much…

images (25)

she thinks that she could be the voice of her generation, which sometimes I like pretending that I am too, but I’m really just voice of a generation. Drowned out by the brilliant, shrill cries of the others. Like someone once said, I’m a little candle in comparison to loud bonfires – not many people notice me. 

I don’t like it when Hannah just randomly jumps people, like the doctor Joshua and Laird…or when she shows up at Sandy’s house at midnight and strips…I know quite a few people have complained about excessive nudity on the show. I don’t have much of an issue with that, but I feel like she doesn’t really think things through. Like Lena Dunham said, even if Hannah knew there was a right and a wrong decision to make, she’d consciously pick the wrong one. 

At first her willingness to take Adam’s crap was annoying. You kinda just wanted to scream, self-respect, girl! at her. But when Adam got a little softer around the edges, you felt like maybe you understood. 

images (26)

Overall, I kinda like Hannah’s quirkiness. She’s definitely different, and that’s refreshing in a world where you’re told there’s a specific type of beautiful or smart or whatever ideal quality to be. She’s sort of irresponsible at times (procrastinating when she should have been writing her e-book) and she keeps making mistakes but she’s alright. 

Adam – 

Because you have to talk about Adam after you discuss Hannah’s character. 

Girls Adam

At first, I was disgusted. He was Hannah’s friend-with-benefits, or in her head, her boyfriend. He didn’t reply to texts but responded to her if she popped by for sex. & such sex it was – rough and dirty. Speaking of dirty, his place was filthy. & he was always shirtless and working on some unknown carpentry project or the other. He was like the epitome of Guy You Shouldn’t Date. 

But then :


& this : 

images (27)

& finally, this – I was wondering if the scene was meant to poke fun at movies like Koizora, and other equally melodramatic romances, or if it was just supposed to be sweet…but I couldn’t help tearing up a little. Hannah was so broken at that point and she didn’t really have anyone to turn to, but …

images (28)

& my heart just melted. Sure, they’re both a little (or very) messed up. They’re probably gonna screw up again somewhere down the line, but who cares? Maybe they’re just what the other needs. It’s not the ideal relationship, but it’ll do. Bottomline : I like Adam more than I dislike him. He’s grown on me, like a song you hate when you first hear it on the radio and end up replaying for the rest of the week on Youtube. & he’s pretty cute, in that…tall, slightly awkward, mumbly way. 

Marnie –

images (29)

Firstly, Marnie is the pretty, perfect one – who unravels a little ways down the road. But that’s enough to get your attention, obviously. & I like girls who are responsible and put-together. Sure, she can be a little uptight ..but I don’t mind because I’m like that too. Have you ever seen me when I think I’m going to be late for something/someone doesn’t show up/people let me down? Well, I act like Marnie. I only wish I were as attractive. 

images (30)

I can’t even dislike her after she embarrasses herself at Charlie’s party. Or even when she sleeps with Booth. I mean, who could resist that line, huh? 

download (1)

Even though she became a hostess and tried to act like everything was okay when it wasn’t, I still like her. I don’t know. Maybe because I feel the need to have things under control as well. I think she should have treated Charlie better in the beginning, but hey, this made up for it :

images (31)

He’s not gonna be around in S3 sooo….void, then? But still sweet, for what it’s worth.

Charlie – 

The handsome, perfect boyfriend. I don’t think I would feel smothered by him – or would I? Hard to say. 

images (32)

I liked him from the start and felt sorry that Marnie didn’t appreciate his kind of love. Anyway, he became more of a man and that was a great change to witness. I liked him as a sweet musician-type but as the CEO of his own app start-up? Wow. Farewell to him though. Sigh.

Shoshanna – 


Shosh is the closest to me in terms of age and sexual experience (at least, until she loses her V card to Ray). She’s adorable but overly naive, and I think that conversation with someone who talks like that in real life would probably tire me out very quickly. But she’s nice and knows what she shouldn’t settle for (Ray being ambitionless and ‘moving in’). 

Jessa – 

images (34)

Jessa is my least favourite of the bunch, though my feelings toward her changed near the end of Season 2. She’s from another world, in my opinion. I admire her free-spiritedness & enthusiasm for travel and the nomadic life, but she’s too wild for my tastes. I just didn’t get how she could be so recklessly casual about everything – sex, unemployment, drugs, life…she didn’t seem to know where she was going and the scary thing was that she didn’t care. Maybe many people find that cool, but as you can see, I gravitate towards the Marnie kind – grounded and solid, or at least trying to be. 

images (35)

There were hints that her parents weren’t always there for her, but it wasn’t enough for me to pity her, at least until this scene. When she says “I’m the child”, you feel your heart breaking for her, & maybe begin to understand why she acts the way she does. It’s all she’s ever known – the emotional distance, leaving when things get shitty, escaping from reality. But Jessa wouldn’t want your pity, I think. 

finally, Ray – 


I think that he has some of the funniest lines on the show. He’s not a bad guy, just a little bit of an underachiever at what, 33? Things are looking up for him, I guess, since he’s now the manager of the new Grumpy’s…but Shosh broke up with him. He’s smart (assuming he gave up on his PhD in Latin Studies halfway) but just needs more of a push. 

Phew, finally done! Not much to say about Elijah or Booth Jonathan, so I shan’t. Can’t wait for Season 3, which will be great, I’m sure. I mean, just look at this gorgeous poster (which is also my current FB cover photo haha)! 

download (2)


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