Don’t let go, I need you to hang around.

I’m going to have to avoid all social media until I’m done watching the HIMYM finale. If anyone dares spoil it for me, I swear, I will kill you. As much as I love sad stories, I really don’t want The Mother to be dead. I feel like this show gives me the warm, fuzzy feeling of hope that finding that perfect person for you is possible – so for them to cruelly go : sure, you’ll find The One but he/she will die early into your relationship. Too bad, that’s life! would really suck. 

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I can really relate to Ted, so obviously I want him to get his happy ending, so that I can tell myself that maybe I’ll get mine someday too. I know some people say The Mother is basically a female version of Ted, which isn’t very realistic, but I adore her to bits. Although in my case I would probably never get together with a male version of myself because neither of us would dare to make the first move. 

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They say that everyone probably has a Robin in their lives, the one person they have trouble letting go of…I don’t think I’ve had the (mis?) fortune of meeting such a person yet. Sure, I did have trouble letting go of old crushes. But I knew that they weren’t right for me. I just wanted so badly for something to work out for once. 


Speaking of which, I did know a Barney – his name came up again in conversation and someone casually dropped the bomb that he was busy doing the deed while the rest of us were innocently hanging out. I mean, I got over this guy long ago. But for a minute or so I did feel sad – because silly little 17-year-old me had hoped that maybe he had liked me a little back then. That maybe I was different. 


He was a 10-page entry in my diary, and I, just a random girl he felt nothing for. How stupid to have been excited over a friend asking if we were together, over-analysing things that were said and done, and daring to imagine that I had shared a ‘movie moment’ or two with him. 

See, people have no obligation to like you back – but whenever you like them, you’re giving them control over you. & most of the time, people abuse that power. 

Everytime I’m in cynic-mode though, I watch HIMYM and start getting all ‘hopeful romantic’ again. But once the show ends, what then? I’m gonna miss it for sure. 


Okay bye now I need to get started on my 3000-ish word essay, ironically on the topic : What is love? . Despite all the valuable lessons from HIMYM, I feel like I’ll never be able to truly understand it until the day I’m actually in it – which is probably in the very distant future. (was reading through my old blog entries from 2011- scary how little has changed.) 


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