I hate the ending myself, but it started with an alright scene.



I’m usually a sucker for stories that go like this (Cecelia Ahern’s Where Rainbows End, David Nicholls’ One Day) : Boy meets girl. They become besties but continue dating/end up marrying other people. They only end up together when they’re grey-haired and finally ready to admit that they’ve loved each other all along. 

But not this time. 

The Himym finale would have been so romantic- if I wasn’t already so attached to the idea of Swarkles and Tracy being Ted’s The One. 



There were so many beautiful moments in their relationship. The gradual realisation and Barney’s heart-melting ways of trying to hide his growing affection for Robin…the grand declarations, the chemistry…everything. 

I’m cool with the fact that they got divorced. Stuff like that happens. 

What I’m NOT cool with is the fact that Ted still went back to Robin. 

I thought we were done with the whole Robin thing. Didn’t he ‘let her go’? & The Mother was so perfect, too. Great job on the casting director’s part, honestly – Cristin Milioti was absolutely lovable. It didn’t matter that she had few appearances – in every scene, she shone, & because I was led to believe that she was perfect for Ted, I automatically loved her right away. 


This scene was everything I expected it to be. It didn’t let me down at all. 

This scene, however, did. 

images (51)

Was I supposed to feel touched that the story had come ‘full circle’? That after all the ups and downs;after being with all the ‘wrong’ people; after 25 years- Ted & Robin have another shot at making it work this time? 



Honestly, I think that Robin would be much better off single. She can take care of herself. She’s got it all, career-wise. She’s beautiful and independent – there’s nothing wrong with that. Does she even really love Ted anyway? She told him ‘no’ when he asked, and only in her moments of panic/loneliness did she consider being with him again. To me, it feels like she’s settling for Ted because he’s safe. ‘Marry a guy who loves you more than you love him’, they say. I never liked that saying. 

I felt like Ted and Tracy loved each other equally. Maybe it’s because we didn’t get to see the ugly side of their relationship (all we got were a few ‘aww’-inducing moments and a slideshow of pictures, essentially. WHAT?!) …but we believed that they were perfect together because we had been told that all along. 

images (52)


& that’s what pissed – pisses, really, I’m still upset- me off. Someone commented that this show was made for hopeless romantics, & I agree. Like Ted, we all want to believe in the idea that The One exists and that ‘all the wrong turns, the stumbles and falls’ would lead us to them. Watching Himym was my way of reminding myself that anything could happen – he’s just around the corner! Maybe he’s a friend of a friend. Maybe I passed by him just now in the canteen. I’ll meet him someday when the timing’s right, just like how Ted met The Mother, even though there were times when he thought he’d be forever alone! 


Now I just feel like the fantasy has been ruined. I know people were praising how realistic the ending was, but I don’t watch a sitcom (especially one that has set the bar high for ultimate go-big romantic moments : who can top Ted’s 2-minute date with Stella?) to be reminded of harsh reality. I watch it to lose myself in the dream of what could be. 

I’m just going to deny the whole Ted x Robin thing, & pretend it ended like this :






One thought on “I hate the ending myself, but it started with an alright scene.

  1. Haha I DISAGREE!!! I’m team ted robin, but mostly bc I like the idea of going back to the one- which is that for me- robin is ted’s “the one.” Although I think that is a false fantasy bc in reality stuff like that don’t happen, people don’t end up being with that same person they’ve failed so many times in a relationship with; they stop trying

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