This life is way too short to get caught up in all this stuff

With the disappearance of MH370, the sinking of the S. Korean ferry and the posthumous publication of Marina Keegan’s essays (which I’ve yet to get my hands on), I understand the fragility of life more than ever. I guess maybe that’s why lately I’ve just been doing whatever I feel like doing, and trying not to get mad over little things.

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The past few weeks have been great – jam-packed with assignments/events/gatherings with friends. I catch myself thinking at times that I am exhausted, but I feel as though I’m not tired enough…like I want to push myself to the brink and use up all my potential. That sounds kind of masochistic…

I think a famous person once said that he didn’t read trashy novels/magazines in case it was the last thing he was ever caught reading. On a trip to Kino last weekend WL was surprised when I stopped to flip through ‘Lean In : For Graduates’  (Sheryl Sandberg!) and ‘Thrive’ by Arianna Huffington.



“Huh since when do you read such books?” she asked. Uh, since a long time ago. I may not look the type, but I’ve been reading books classified under self-help/leadership for some time now. The motivation I get from reading such books fades after awhile, which might explain my lack of achievement in any field…which might explain why my friend didn’t think I’d read  ’em. 

I was also asked yesterday if I read books often, and which genre…the thing is, if you were queuing behind me at Kino and happened to glance at my purchases, you might be a little confused.

Sometimes I might buy just my usual magazines : Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Glamour. You might proceed to dismiss me as an airhead. But to justify my reading choices, there are actually articles on female empowerment in these mags. It’s not all about make-up and pretty clothes and how to snag a guy. The interviews with celebs also serve to inspire me. 


Then once in awhile you might catch me buying YA novels, like Divergent or something by John Green. Pretty normal teen, you’d think. & then on another day, it might be something by Dawkins, or a book on Keynes and Hayek, or I am Malala, for example.

So it was difficult for me to  reply. I did actually know which was the last book I read, but it happened to be a silly light-reading choice and I didn’t want to sound like it was my go-to genre, though I think it’s what most people would assume about me. (For the sake of being honest – it was ‘It’s Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You’re Single)

My all-time favourite authors/books have remained the same : Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Thomas Mann, Paolo Giordano’s The Solitude of Prime Numbers, David Nicholls, David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas…John Green…


*missing an ‘O’

I don’t wanna be all talk and no action, so lately I’ve also been thinking about HfH and wondering if I should go ahead with it this year. I’ve always wanted to, but for the wrong reasons, I think. It’s always popped up as a way for me to escape – and it was always because I was angry at the world for not seeing me the way I wanted to be seen.

But now I think that I should only do it when I’m absolutely comfortable with who I am and confident in my own skin. & I feel like I’m getting there. I haven’t gotten more compliments or anything, and this is not meant to sound narcissistic, but lately when I look at my photos and my own reflection I think that I’m alright. I feel pretty. Even if others don’t tell me that I am. & that’s the attitude I need, if I’m gonna go ahead with HfH.


2 thoughts on “This life is way too short to get caught up in all this stuff

  1. Charlotte says:

    You are a pearl, and should be treated like one: washed in warm water, gently patted dry, then set into jewelry to shine 🔮

    (Actually that’s the crystal ball emoji because I couldn’t find a pearl hahaha)

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